Who is eligible to live at Arbor Lofts?

  •  Any student who has earned 60 credits or more. 
  •  Students who have 59 credits or less and live more than 30 minutes away from campus are expected to live in University Housing-North or South. 
  • If you will have 60 or more credits after the Spring 2014 semester, you are still eligible to sign up for Arbor Lofts. 
  • Other Southfield community members. People do not need to attend LTU to live at Arbor Lofts.

What spaces are available at Arbor Lofts?

  • LTU has rented 90 spaces from Arbor Lofts. 
    • If you rent one of these spaces, you can use your financial aid toward your payment. 
    • If you rent one of these spaces and withdraw from LTU, you may be asked to vacate your LTU space. 
    • You can reserve your space during your time at Housing Renewal. 
    • These spaces will be under the LTU payment schedule as if you were living in housing. For the Fall semester, 1st half of your payment is due on August 15th and the 2nd half is due on September 15th. For the Spring semester, 1st half of your payment is due on January 15th and the 2nd half is due on February 15th
  • Arbor Lofts also offers 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments for rent. To rent one of these spaces, you must rent directly from Arbor Lofts.

Do I have to have a meal plan if I live at Arbor Lofts.

  • No. However, if you would like a meal plan, you can sign up for either a Housing meal plan or a commuter student meal plan.

How much does it cost to live in Arbor Lofts?

  • $4237.50 per semester - $8475 for the year. This cost includes your rent and all utilities.
  • Internet is provided but Cable Television and Phone is not

Am I still accountable to the Student Code of Conduct if I live at Arbor Lofts?

  • Yes, you can be held accountable to LTU’s Student Code of Conduct if your actions affect the LTU community. The University will not intervene in immediate situations as they will be handled by the Southfield Police.

Will there be Resident Assistants at Arbor Lofts?

  • We will have at least 2 Community Assistants at Arbor Lofts to be a resource for students so residents there have someone to go to with questions.

For a full information form please see the Returning and Current Students tab on the Application Page of University Housing for the Arbor Lofts PD