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Transfer Guides


2-year Community Colleges Additional Transfer Guide Sheets
Alpena Community College  Sheridan College: Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Bay College Specs Howard: Associate of Arts in Radio & Television Broadcasting
Delta College  
Glen Oaks Community College  
Grand Rapids Community College  
Henry Ford Community College  
Jackson Community College  
Kellogg Community College  
Kirtland Community College  
Kalamazoo Valley Community College  
Lake Michigan College  
Lansing Community College  
Macomb Community College  
Mid Michigan Community College  
Monroe County Community College  
Montcalm Community College  
Mott Community College  
Muskegon Community College  
North Central Michigan College  
Northwestern Michigan College  
Oakland Community College  
Owens Community College - Ohio  
Schoolcraft College  
St. Clair County Community College  
St. Clair College - Windsor  
Southwestern Michigan College  
Terra Community College   
Washtenaw Community College  
Wayne County Community College District  
West Shore Community College        

Lawrence Technological University is a signatory partner in the Michigan Transfer Agreement.  In order to fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement, transfer students must complete all coursework with a 2.0 GPA (or grade of a "C" or higher) to satisfy the MTA. Students who wish to pursue the MTA must complete the following categories of coursework:

-1 course in English Composition (students are strongly recommended to take the college equivalent to English Composition).
-1 course in Communication (a technical or business writing/communication course is strongly recommended to satisfy this section).
-1 course in Mathematics
-2 courses in Social Science (from different disciplines).
-2 courses in Humanities and Fine Arts (from different disciplines, and excluding studio and performance courses).
-2 courses in Natural Science (from different disciplines, with one course must having a lab).

Please Note:  Lawrence Technological University has many programs that require higher-level general education courses in math & science. With students completing the MTA, students are required to complete the higher-level requirements if they plan on entering programs that require these types of courses. A full listing of courses needed to complete these requirements are available on the guide sheets listed above and are available for all undergraduate degree programs.