Are you a high-achieving student who wants to meet challenges at the highest level and pursue the best possible preparation for your professional career or post-graduate education?

Lawrence Technological University's undergraduate Honors Program may be exactly what you are looking for. It has been specifically designed for highly qualified and highly motivated students like you-students who want an educational experience that will take full advantage of the challenging curricula at Lawrence Tech.


Explore Your Potential 
The goal of the Honors Program is to help you intensively explore your potential as a student and a person. The program endeavors to: 

  • Provide rigorous academic challenges to enrich your college experience by allowing you to engage with the course material on an in-depth level
  • Create opportunities to engage with academically driven students 
  • Promote creativity and critical reasoning 
  • Develop your leadership potential through Honors projects and opportunities to participate in service learning
  • Prepare you to excel in graduate studies
  • Recognize your achievement

Honors Advantages

  • A designated faculty member will serve as your first-year Honors adviser
  • Membership in the Honors Society 
  •  Opportunity to serve on the Honors Program Student Advisory Board

The Honors Society
All students admitted to the Honors Program are invited to participate in the Honors Society. Convening several times a year, the society sponsors debates; presentations of academic projects; panel discussions; dramatic, literary, or musical performances; social activities; and other events. The Honors Society can provide you excellent opportunities to grow academically and form lasting relationships with your fellow Honors students and professors.

The Program
Honors classes treat subjects at a deeper, more challenging level, with the aim of enhancing both the quantity and quality of your learning. The Honors Program consists of two tiers of engagement. In Tier One, student complete 20 credit hours of Honors work in the core curriculum. Admitted high school seniors with a 3.5 grade point average or higher and a minimum ACT score of 24 (or equivalent SAT score) are invited to apply to Tier One of the Honors Program. To apply, complete the Honors Program application and submit an essay. Leadership experience is an important criterion for entry into the Honors Program. 

Students who successfully complete Tier One of the Honors Program may apply to Tier Two during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Students must submit an essay to the Honors Program coordinator describing their accomplishments in Tier One and their reasons for desiring admission to Tier Two. All students accepted to Tier Two must complete six credits of Honors work in 3000- and/or 4000-level courses in their respective majors. 

Completion of Tier One and/Tier Two will be noted both on your diploma and in your permanent transcript.

You are invited to join the Honors Program if you have a 3.5 grade point average or higher in high school and a minimum ACT score of 24 (1090 SAT Math & Verbal).

The program is open to students in all undergraduate majors. Complete the online Honors Application.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you may still be considered for Honors Program membership upon application and submission of the required essay, along with a supporting letter of recommendation from one of your high school teachers.

Involvement in community service and evidence of leadership are also considered important criteria for entry into the Honors Program.

Transfer students are not eligible for the Honors Program. Admission of applicants who are dual-enrolled in college courses while in high school will be determined on an individual basis. Consideration is based on the applicant's ability to fulfill the Honors Program curriculum should he or she be awarded transfer credit by Lawrence Tech.

Honors Program brochure  pdf 


For additional information about Honors Program policies and procedures, contact the College of Arts and Sciences at 248.204.3500.