Financial aid can be confusing, especially your first time through the process. Follow the instructions to access your award, review and accept your award and continue with the loan process if you and/or your parent decide to borrow from the Federal Direct Student Loan Programs. Read descriptions of your financial aid offers and understand the conditions of all your awards before accepting any of them. To review your awards online, proceed with the steps below.



  •  BannerWeb
  • Click 'Login to Secure Area'
  • User ID (students ID # w/o initials, 9-digits)
    (First time login - the PIN is the student's date of birth (mmddyy))
  •  Login
  • Click ‘Student & Financial Aid’
  • Click ‘Financial Aid’
  • Click ‘My Award Information‘
  • Click ‘Award for Aid Year’
  • Select appropriate academic school year
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • Click the ‘Accept Award Offer’ tab at the top of the screen
  • Select either
  •  Accept Full Amount of All Awards
    Accept/Decline/Decide Later for each specific award
    Accept Partial Amount
  • Submit Decision 

Please keep in mind that grants and scholarships are automatically accepted and the amount disbursed (or not, if not enrolled properly) will be conditional on your enrollment status for the semester. If at a later date you change your decision, contact the One Stop Center at