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James Stevens

James Stevens
Assistant Professor

College of Architecture and Design

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Background + Expertise

Jim Stevens is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Lawrence Technological University, College of Architecture and Design, where he is the founding and acting Director of makeLab™, a digital fabrication and design studio. As director, Jim oversees research, publication and industry-sponsored design projects. Additionally, Jim conducts frequent makeLab workshops and lectures across the U.S., China, and Europe. Prior to his appointment to the faculty at Lawrence Tech, Jim was the founding principle of a North Carolina design firm and more recently a principle with Peterson, Eure and Associates, P.A Jim is a Licensed Architect in the State of Michigan, certified by the National Council of Architecture Registration Boards (NCARB) and is a professional member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He is the recipient of the AIA Henry Adams Medal for Excellence in the Study of Architecture and is currently a Coleman Foundation Fellow. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from North Carolina State University (M.arch. 2007) and a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from The Savannah College of Art and Design (BFA 1994). Jim is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, but currently lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his wife and two children.


Tools That Stay
It was only a couple of years ago when we built our first suitcase CNC and took it to Albania.  Since then, we have shifted our focus to tools that stay, as apposed to tools that travel.  Our second CNC machine is now in Kosovo with a third installed in January at Sushant School of [...]
UTLC Ceiling
UTLC Ceiling By Elliott Disner, Shannon Iafrate and Anthony Kadzban When approaching the design for the ceiling, the group immediately set forth the rule that the existing space needed to inform the design; the ceiling needed to complement the space, not fight it or simply occupy it. Recognizing it is underdeveloped and intruded by surrounding [...]
Mud + Laptops – lessons from India
The makeLab’s 2014 India workshop successfully concluded January 11, 2014 in New Delhi.  Four students attended the workshop from the makeLab at Lawrence Tech along with 10 students from our host University, the Sushant School of Art and Architecture.  Together, we explored the design and construction of masonry dome structures covering material explorations, digital form-finding [...]
Digital Vernacular Workshop at Sushant School of Art & Architecture
The makeLab will conduct the Digital Vernacular workshop  from January 6-11, 2014, at the Sushant School of Art & Architecture (SSAA) in Gurgaon. Participants from LTU, and SSAA will conduct a critical analysis of digital fabrication and associated emerging technologies for architecture. This workshop will explore the design and construction of masonry dome structures covering [...]
Winter Pavilion
The Winter Pavilion By:  Breck Crandell, Jad Chedid, Michael Neal The pavilion was born out of a list of goals. For the group, it was their very first endeavor with digital fabrication.  They were familiar with makeLab and its projects, but unfamiliar with the tools, processes, and software. Taking existing skills (hand craft, energy, and ambition) and limitations (digital [...]