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Jerry Cuper

Jerry Cuper

Engineering Technology

Lawrence Technological University
248.204.2508 p
248.204.2068 f

Background + Expertise

Jerry Cuper is an advisor and instructor in the Engineering Technology Dept. at Lawrence Tech. For 25 years, he has taught and advised students in the evening programs while working in industry. His varied industrial experience lends itself to advising and mentoring Engineering Technology students. Cuper worked for over 30 years at Ford Motor Co. in engineering design, engineering management, product planning, testing and development. Prior to Ford, he worked in design shops and completed an apprenticeship program. He has designed special machines, transfer line mechanisms, gages and checking fixtures used in automotive production. Cuper’s passion, enthusiasm, and personalized attention help students to learn and meet their goals. He is always willing and available to assist in meeting the student needs. He holds degrees in Master of Business, Bachelor of Science, and in technology. He obtained these degrees in the evening while working full time. He understands the effort and perseverance required for students to complete their degrees. Cuper is a sport car enthusiast and has owned 19 Mustangs since 1965, including a supercharged Cobra.
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