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Project Lead The Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) provides comprehensive middle and high school programs for both engineering and biotechnology career paths.The engineering career path consists of 6 – nine week units that are taught in middle school and 8 – year long courses that are offered in high school.The biomedical sciences career path consists of 4 high school courses.

The Project Lead the Way programs are being offered to over 400,000 students in more than 4200 schools in all 50 states.There are currently 98 schools offering PLTW programs in Michigan.Each course concludes with a standardized test to gauge student performance and is cross-walked with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Scholarship Opportunities at LTU through Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
Lawrence Technological University recognizes the Project Lead The Way curriculum offered in 98 schools in the State of Michigan. Our College of Engineering offers a Project Lead The Way $1000.00 scholarship to all high school students who take courses in the following majors:


Major   PLTW Course Eligible for Scholarship
Architectural Engineering Introduction to Engineering Design
Biomedical Engineering Principles of Engineering
Civil Engineering Introduction to Engineering Design
Electrical & Computer Engineering       Digital Electronics
Mechanical Engineering Introduction to Engineering Design


Eligible Students

Students in high school who pursue the above PLTW courses and receive a B or better in those courses will receive a $1000.00 scholarship toward their tuition and fees upon entering their freshman year at Lawrence Tech. Upon admission into the College of Engineering and verification of the PLTW courses taken and grade requirement achieved, the newly admitted student will receive a letter from the Dean of the College of Engineering awarding them the scholarship.

Engineers Needed

Students who pursue PLTW while they are in middle or high school excel in the STEM area and are innovative and creative future engineers. You are the best and the brightest in our field and we want you to be an LTU alum. You started an exceptional academic career by being a part of the PLTW curriculum and it is now time to soar and take the next step by becoming a Lawrence Tech Blue Devil!


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