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Patricia S. Harrison, Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, recent stated, "We are gratified by the continuing increase in the number of U.S. students studying abroad...American students continue to recognize that preparation for success in a global future needs to include overseas study. Overall, the numbers demonstrate quite clearly that students realize that the world of tomorrow will require everyone to be globally aware and conversant."

Likewise, foreign students have realized for some time the importance of international study.  According to Allan E. Goodman, President and CEO of the Institute of International Education, "The United States remains the premier destination for foreign students despite a weakened economic situation affecting many countries, student and family concerns about safety and possible delays associated with processing student visas, and an increase in competition for foreign students from other host countries." 

Ranked as one of the top career-oriented engineering schools in the U.S., Lawrence Tech's College of Engineering combines academic rigor and excellence with a wealth of practical experience and has expanded its offering to provide students with much needed international experience.  Global understanding and hands-on experience with international companies will be key attributes of tomorrow's engineers in an increasingly competitive, global marketplace. 

Create innovation -- in the United States and internationally -- through Lawrence Tech's Global Engineering Program.

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A Global Engineering Certificate (GEC) is an undergraduate program for students at Lawrence Tech to work one semester and study one semester abroad. At the same time, international students are invited to work and study at Lawrence Tech.

Students who participate in the Global Engineering program are among a select few. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements of the traditional Lawrence Tech co-op program, and be selected to participate in this international experience. Students must meet specific GPA requirements and demonstrate progress toward completion of the degree requirements. Applicants to the GEC program are interviewed by the coordinator of Global Education and reprentatives of the international corporations.

Lawrence Tech students who participate in the Global Engineering program abroad live in college housing and alternate one semester of study at a higher education partner school with another semester of work at a global corporation. The student's education is partly subsidized by corporate scholarships, as are some living and travel expenses. Courses taken abroad transfer back to LTU and students are paid for their work.

Lawrence Tech students experience a foreign culture with visits to international historic and cultural sites in their host country. They will also tour international engineering and manufacturing companies.

You don't have to speak a foreign language to participate in this program. All engineering courses at the international partner universities are taught in English. You will be provided with an orientation course in the language and culture of your host country prior to embarking on this program.

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