Admissions Requirements

Admission to Lawrence Tech's Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program is competitive. Applicants must:

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in engineering, science, math, computer science, or physical science (or other technical field) from an accredited college or university. Individuals with a degree in a non-engineering field may be required to take prerequisite course work
  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Provide three letters of recommendation, preferably from employers and former professors
  • Provide official transcripts of all completed college work
  • Provide a resume, documenting professional experiences and relevant extracurricular activities
  • Graduate admissions application and fee
  • GRE encouraged, but not required
  • For students whose native language is other than English, proficiency in English needs to be established
  • Non-engineering students can be accepted into MSIE Program from the following disciplines with the prerequisites:

    • Decision Science
    • Engineering Management
    • Engineering Technology
    • Industrial Management
    • Operations Management
    • Operations Research / Management Science

    Prerequisites (24 credits.):

    • MCS 1414: Calculus 1
    • MCS 1424: Calculus 2
    • MCS 2414: Calculus 3
    • MCS 2423: Differential Equations
    • MCS 3403: Probability & Statistics
    • EME 3023: Manufacturing Processes
    • At least one programming language (3 cr.) / Evidence of proficiency in programming (i.e. Matlab / Visual Basic / C+ / Fortran)

    Applicants who do not meet all requirements may be admitted on a conditional basis and will be granted regular status upon the completion of three consecutive graduate-level courses with a minimum 3.0 GPA. For more information, contact Lawrence Tech's Office of Admissions at 800.CALL.LTU or

    Transfer Credits
    A maximum of 6 semester hours for graduate engineering courses taken at other accredited engineering colleges may be transferred per Engineering Graduate Admissions Committee. Transferred courses must have been taken in the last five years and a grade of "B" (3.00) or better. Next, the student should petition the Engineering Graduate Admissions Committee via letter prior to completion of the first semester of graduate work. The student must submit evidence in addition to transcripts. This may be in the form of syllabi and examinations for each transfer course proposed. The Committee may require the applicant to demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter through interviews with faculty members subject matter expertise.

    For more information about or to apply to the MSIE program, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 248.204.3160 or email