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Employer Benefits of Global Engineering

Why Should Companies Sponsor or Hire Global Engineering Students?

International work and educational experiences provide many benefits which include:

  • Personal growth
  • Cultural awareness
  • Potential career advantage
  • Opportunities to meet exciting and different people
  • Professional exposure and experience
  • Friendships
  • Future international relationships enabling foreign commerce and policy
  • Understanding of diversity

Employer Benefits

How many of your engineers meet the following requirements?

  • Comfortable working with international cultures and in international environments
  • Capable of managing and motivating foreign suppliers
  • Communicate well with international customers
  • Project management and technical design which combines technical know-how with cross-cultural appreciation and skills
  • Able to build strong relationships with global contacts in person and through electronic communication
  • Understand the globalization of technology and how to develop and market it across different countries

The globalization of industry and technology mandates the development of engineers with a strong education in engineering and international understanding.  Lawrence Tech's Global Engineering program provides students with rigorous engineering assignments in a global context.

Companies will need to be able to innovate globally to compete with new technologies across the globe.  Hire or sponsor a Lawrence Tech Global Engineering student to create your global innovation.

Please contact Dr. Badih Ali Jawad for more information:

Badih Ali Jawad. Ph.D
Chair & Professor,
A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Building E34
Phone (248) 204-2553