Lawrence Technological University STEM Scholarship Program: Be a Power Engineer in Southeast Michigan

nsf4.jpgLawrence Technological University (LTU) is enabling students to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering with a concentration in power engineering, and well positioned to be employed by the U.S. nuclear power industry. Students complete an associate's program at any community college in southeast Michigan in Nuclear Engineering Technology and then transfer to LTU to complete the BS degree. Two pre-engineering scholarships are awarded to students at any community college in southeast Michigan each year of the five-year award, and eighteen to LTU students in the electrical or computer engineering programs.

The project is preparing highly-adaptable energy technicians skilled in the generation, transmission, and distribution of power, while simultaneously laying the foundation for continuing education and training necessary to upgrade workforce personnel skills. To ensure student success, LTU is offering a comprehensive package of student outreach and support, career exploration, and job placement services. Scholarship recipients are learning about power engineering through interdisciplinary courses, guest lecturers, and field trips, as well as participation in a local chapter of professional organizations. LTU is leveraging its network of local and regional industry partnerships, including DTE Energy Corporation, to aid in the recruitment, retention, and job placement of the S-STEM scholars.

The project is meeting national needs for a highly-skilled, diversified workforce in the generation, transmission, and distribution of power, and for highly-qualified candidates for graduate studies. The project is strengthening the partnership between the two-year and four-year institutions of higher education, along with local engineering and technology employers. As southeast Michigan is changing its economic base, the project will benefit a region with substantial challenges.

Specifically, a total of twenty (20) S-STEM scholarships totaling $104,000 per year will be awarded to S-STEM scholars who have completed their two-year nuclear

STEM Scholarship Flyer

associate program and enter LTU electrical and computer engineering programs seeking a B.S. degree. The amount available for each scholarship year has been selected because it will cover costs for tuition, books, and supplies at each institution. In details, students will be required to select forty eight (48) credits pre-engineering courses in four (4) semesters in any community college in southeast Michigan. Two (2) students in the 2nd year of pre-engineering will be awarded the NSF scholarship. Eighty four (84) credits courses will be continually studied in LTU regularly in at least five (5) semesters. Most of the scholarship will be awarded for students in LTU. The scholarship funds up to $10,000 per student per year (average amount is $5,200) and can be renewed to cover the entire undergraduate study at LTU. An energy certificate will be awarded to students who finish this program with excellent outcomes.  Along with targeting women and underrepresented minorities in ECE programs, the project will also increase access to these programs by providing scholarship funds to those students with the greatest financial need.