Welcome from Philip D Olivier, Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, let me welcome you to the home of the Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering programs at Lawrence Tech. All three undergraduate programs provide the background to pursue dynamic, challenging and rewarding careers with job opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally in nearly all major industries. The department is committed to providing the highest quality educational opportunities to our students.

Why Electrical, Computer or Biomedical Engineering at Lawrence Tech? Employers actively seek out our graduates. The return on your undergraduate tuition investment leads all colleges in metro Detroit and is the in the top 30 percent nationally. How does Lawrence Tech provide high quality electrical, computer, and biomedical engineering education with such exceptional pay back potential? You'll benefit from small classes taught by an active, engaged faculty, not teaching assistants. Beyond theory, your faculty will help you understand practical applications and what works in the real world. To help you take advantage of jobs, internships, and other opportunities as you progress toward graduation, you can earn your degree in either the day or evening on Lawrence Tech's modern, easily accessible campus. To explore our three bachelor's degree programs click on one of the following links: Biomedical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Computer Engineering.

Lawrence Tech embraces its history and looks forward to its future. Lawrence Tech was founded in 1932 to provide workers in the local manufacturing industries a path into the engineering profession. Built on this foundation, we now have dormitories, and are re-introducing intercollegiate athletics to provide a full college experience to traditional college students.

Are you interested in going to medical school? Historically, majors in biomedical and electrical engineering score among the highest of all majors on the MCATs (Medical College Aptitude Test). Their performance is far better than those with the traditional pre-med major.

I hope you enjoy perusing the department's web site and as you read about the range of careers that our programs prepare our graduates to pursue, you will find yourself saying "Wow! I didn't know they did that!" If you have any questions please contact me by phone at 248-2042540 or by email at eechair@ltu.edu .

Philip D Olivier,
Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department