THE Leading Edge of Technology 

A recent blog post compared what could be bought in 1964 for $800 to what could be bought in2010 for the inflation adjusted equivalent of $5650. (See While the history lesson is interesting, the same facts demonstrate just how much electrical and computer engineering have been on the leading edge of technology for the past 50+ years. There is no indication that the trend will change.


old new
Going from what $800 could buy in 1964 … … to what in 2010 $5650 can buy now.

Not only can you now buy a better color TV set but you can also buy a smart phone, a laptop, a surround sound system, a GPS unit, a digital camera and several other major and minor household appliances with over $400 to spare. While there are many factors responsible for this remarkable fact, an undeniable contributor is the relentless improvement and miniaturization in electronics and the creative use of computers in virtually all of the modern devices shown. Miniaturization and improved computers are products of the collective genius of electrical and computer engineers without which these improvements at lower cost would not have been possible.

All indications are that electrical and computer engineering will continue to be on the leading edge of high tech for the next 50 years. Come join the fun. Begin your electrical or computer engineering career at Lawrence Tech.