Last 2 Digits of ID #   Faculty Assigned   Room    Phone extension
00-16 Dr. Anneberg E215B 2539
17-33 Dr. Chase E219A 2544
34-50 Dr. Cloud E222 2524
51-67 Dr. Hua E220 2557
68-84 Dr. Jaber E216 2532
85-99 Dr. Walker E214 3059


First Year Advisor:        

Dr. Elin Jensen, Interim Chair

E217 2543

MSECE Director:

Dr. Philip Olivier, Professor

E218 2554

Professor Emeritus:        

Dr. Richard Johnston

E215A 2534


Please contact your advisor each semester for scheduling and registration information.

He or she is also available to assist you with other academic issues, and can refer you to a more specialized support personnel if necessary.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Office No. (248) 204-2540
Fax No. (248) 204-2527
Fax No. (248) 204-2597