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Energy management and the related environmental issues are becoming major cost factors throughout industry. Therefore the demand for energy and environmental managers has risen.  In addition, the rapid emergence of global industrial energy demands have promoted the necessity for advanced education in the field to help energy producers and users maintain sustainable operations. Current energy certificate programs are quite broad, but unfortunately they lack the environmental issues that must be addressed and the technical depth that a university can offer. Consequently, Lawrence Technological University offers a program to become a certified energy and environmental manager.

Why Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Systems for the Defense Industry at LTU?

Lawrence Technological University offers a program that can lead to a Graduate Certificate in Energy and Environmental Management (CEEM), and which can also provide graduate course credits towards an advanced degree at Lawrence Tech.  

As mentioned, the certificate combines a knowledge base of not only energy management, but also the management of environmental impact. The certificate is based on successfully completing two 3 credit hour courses (45 meeting hours each) that include multiple "real-world" projects, successful completion of a certification exam that is not simply multiple choice, and work experience or training in the energy management and/or environmental management field. Completion of these steps will properly assess a candidate's knowledge and ability to apply the subject matter.

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Coordinator of Energy and Environment Management
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