Wimba is a suite of of synchronous collaboration tools to the Blackboard, including a presentation environment, whiteboard, student chat, video, and desktop application sharing. Live Classroom is available to all Blackboard course sections offered at Lawrence Tech.

Wimba ClassroomTM
Description: Wimba Classroom is a live, virtual classroom environment with robust features that include audio, video, application sharing and content display. Its pedagogical design and ease-of-use ensures that educators and students engage as if they were meeting face-to-face. Advanced features such as polling, white boarding, presenter on-the-fly, resizable chat areas and participant lists, usage analytics tools, and MP3 downloads enable further dynamic interaction between students and educators.

Description: Wimba PRONTO is the only instant messaging system designed for educators to advance and promote learning, Wimba Pronto includes unique features to specifically benefit students, teachers, and educational institutions including:

  • Instant Access to Campus Services
  • Queued Chat for Tutoring and Office Hours
  • Automatic Population of Classmates and Courses
  • Application Sharing
  • Blended Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Instant School-Wide Notifications
  • Universal Accessibility

Wimba VoiceTM
Description: Wimba Voice is a web-based voice solution that facilitates and promotes vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment. Wimba Voice incorporates the use of threaded voice boards, voice-enabled email, embedded voice within course pages, as well as live group discussions and debates, which increase the interaction and student engagement level of any online course.


 Web references:

 Wimba Basics (PDF)


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 Upload PowerPoint Files in Wimba (Flash Demo) or (PDF)