Media Production Staff 


Scott Lehman
Media Production Coordinator
September 2009 - Present
Scott is a graduate of the Media Communication program. He was the LTU Student Employee of the Year for 2010 - 2011. He enjoys orange soda, Cedar Point, and working many jobs. Scott does music things, like playing and teaching percussion. His whole life is sort of mysterious.


Charles Kennedy
Media Production Specialist
May 2011 - Present
Charles is a graduate of the Media Communication program and totally rocks the Hard Hat of Justice and Vest of Vision. He participates in film challenges and 'likes tasty burgers'. Charles has many a catch phrase, but sometimes people try to steal his thunder and the phrases sadly become retired. His current catch phrase: "Good jooooob, [insert last name here]."

Student Videographers


Ashley Rogoff 
November 2011 - Present
Ashley graduated from LTU's Media Communication program in 2015. She continues to handle much of eLearning's social media presence and newsletter material. Ashley would really like everyone to know that she believes in magic and giraffes. Especially giraffes.


Justin Hartsaw 
January 2013 - Present
Justin is a senior in LTU's Media Communication program and has rad dancing skills. Some of us think he should take his moves and team up with Matt's timely comedy and do a road show, but that probably won't happen. According to his Facebook profile, Justin is one half Filipino, one quarter German, and one quarter English.


Victoria Ridella 
September 2013 - Present
Victoria is a senior in the Media Communication program. Her life revolves around her sorority and working. Seriously, she REALLY likes her sorority. You'd be hard-pressed to find a time when she's not wearing her letters. Victoria loves the camera front and back, and she hopes to be a filmmaker someday.


Anthony Persinger 
October 2013 - Present
Anthony is a sophomore in the Media Communication program. Anthony's favorite TV show is Sons of Anarchy "because it's just terrific. Just watch the first two seasons and tell me it's not teriffic!" He's an avid saxophone player who one day hopes to play the theme to Night Court alongside Bill Clinton.


Amber Goulet 
October 2013 - Present
Amber is a senior in the Media Communication program. Her response to almost everything starts with a giggle. She likes sports and she doesn't care who knows (she says, followed by a contagious laugh), her favorite sport being hockey. Amber keeps the rest of the crew in good spirits.


Allison Bicknell
March 2014 - Present
Allison is a junior who enjoys playing shooty hoops (basketball). Fun fact: she was the first women's basketball player signed to Lawrence Tech. She's a country music enthusiast...but we'll let that slide because she enjoys going to Cedar Point.

Former Videographers

Matt Kleist 
September 2012 - July 2014 
This is Matt. Matt enrolled in the Media Communication program for the Fall 2012 semester with a wealth of video knowledge. Apparently, shirts don't lie. Also, "Friends are AWESOME."

John Williams 
March 2012 - March 2014
John graduated from the Media Communication program at LTU in 2012. He still does whatever he wants whenever he wants and gives emotionally ambiguous glances. He is currently a writer and producer at FOX 2 Detroit. Regrettably, he is not an acclaimed movie soundtrack composer.

Megan Ziegler
October 2011 - August 2013
Megan graduated from the Media Communication program at LTU in 2012. She now works at FOX 2 Detroit as a Web Producer. She still has a lot of YouTube videos to watch.

Janelle O'Hara
August 2010 - April 2012
Janelle is a graduate of the Media Communication program at LTU. Janelle took a position as a Social Media Consultant for Michigan First Credit Union. When she's not working or working more, Janelle plays The Sims and eats pretzels. 

Jeff Wolka
September 2010 - October 2011
Jeff is a graduate of the Media Communication program at LTU. When he's not working, Jeff participates in competitive film projects locally and internationally. When there isn't any good football on TV he catches up on Always Sunny and Storm Chasers.

Tommy Penner
April 2009 - August 2011
Tommy graduated in 2011 from the Media Communication program. During his tenure at eLearning, he held several internships, culminating in his being hired at in August 2011. He's now living and working in NYC and still enjoys Coca-Cola and cat videos.

Steve Sciacchitano
August 2007 - May 2010
Steve, the original student assistant, started working for eLearning before it had a Media Production unit. He will recall a moment of pure euphoria at the reception of a brand new DV camcorder. Every now and then, Steve comes back to help out with big video shoots, or when he's bored and misses the rest of us.

Amy Blankenship
April 2009 - May 2011
Amy worked for eLearning Services as a Graphic Specialist after graduating from LTU in 2009. Since then, Amy has gone on to work for Vectorform as a Motion Graphic Designer.