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What is Wimba?

Wimba classroom is a Web conferencing tool that allows groups of individuals to communicate real-time via voice and graphics over the Internet. Wimba events typically have a presenter and participants who collaborate to conduct meetings or class events.  

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What can I do in Wimba?

  • Integrated and accessible from within Blackboard
  • Incorporates both audio and video - a LIVE virtual classroom session and application sharing
  • Record, playback or download sessions as MP3 (audio); MP4V (video)


Setting up Wimba

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is strongly suggested that either Firefox or Chrome be used in running Wimba not Internet Explorer.
Internet Explorer has been problematic when trying to access/use Wimba.

Since Wimba uses both video/audio interfaces and plug-in it is necessary to ensure that the computer you will be using can access Live Classroom. This is accomplished by running the Set-Up Wizard successfully. The Set-Up Wizard verifies that pop-up blockers are disabled ( Disabling Common Pop-Up Blockers); that Java plug-in is installed; audio/microphone is functional (a headset is strongly recommended for optimal use in Wimba).

How do I run the Wimba Set-Up Wizard?