Weighting Grades in Blackboard Grade Center

The Weighted Total column provided in Blackboard’s Grade Center can be used to assign weighting factors to items. There are three scenarios that can be used:

Scenario #1: Weight grades by columns only (weight grades by columns PDF instructions)

Scenario #2: Weight grades by categories only (weight grades by categories PDF instructions) 

Scenario #3: Weight grades by using combination of categories and columns (weight grades using categories and columns PDF instructions)


Edit Weighted Column Page

  • Access the Grade Center (Full Grade Center option)
  • Click the chevron to the right of the Weighted Total column and select Edit Column Information from the drop-down menu

Column Information displays the Column Name; Grade Center Display Name; Description (there is no need to edit or change); Primary Display default is percent (how the grade is displayed to the student) – change/edit if desired; Secondary Display (an option to have the grade also display a score for example)

Select Columns: option to select individual columns; or select categories; or select a combination of both

Highlight the selection from the left; click the greater than sign > to move to the right

Type in the weight % amount above each item selected (if selected in error, click the red x next to the selection to remove).
Ensure that Total Weight % adds to 100%

Calculate as Running Total? Yes/No

  • YES – Selecting Yes will not penalize students if they miss one assignment for instance. The weighting total will not count the missed item. The weighting will only calculate the items the student completes
  • NO –Counts any missing or blank grades as a 0 and includes in weighting total

Options: select Yes/No option for: Include in Grade Center Calculations; Show Column to Students; and Show Statistics

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