ehelp projector setup

How to Setup a Projector

Each projector at LTU is able to be connected to by either a standard VGA cable or HDMI cable.  If you wish to transmit audio using the VGA cable, you will also need to connect the accompanying audio cable.  If using HDMI, you will not need to connect the audio cable as audio will also transmit through your HDMI cable.

Turning on the projector

To turn the projector on, point the remote control towards the projector while pressing and holding the "Power" button.  Please note that you may need to cycle the display modes between HDMI and VGA using the "Input" button.

Which cable do I use?

Depending on which LTU machine you are using, you will connect to the projector differently.  Please see below for further elaboration:

-HP Z Book:  With the HP Z Book, plug in the VGA cable directly to the VGA port located on the back right of the machine.  If audio is required, connect the audio cable to the audio port located on the right side of the machine.

-Macbook:  With your new Macbook, plug in the HDMI cable directly to the HDMI port located on the right side of your machine.  As stated above, you will not need to connect the audio cable as HDMI also transmits audio.

-Lenovo Yoga:  The Lenovo Yoga comes with a mini HDMI port located on the right side of the machine.  To connect this port with the standard size HDMI cable, you will need an adapter.  All LTU faculty using the Lenovo Yoga will receive one mini HDMI to standard HDMI adapter when they pick up their Lenovo Yoga.  Students and faculty may borrow an adapter for a 24 period from the Library or Help Desk.  The Dean's offices have also been given a few spares for faculty use.

Syncing the laptop and projector

If no image displays on the projector screen after turning on the projector and connecting the cable, you may need  to synchronize the laptop and projector.  In Windows 7 and 8.1, this is done by pressing the "Windows" key and the "P" key at the same time and selecting the "Duplicate" option.

If using a Mac, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Apple Menu in the top left corner of your screen
  2. Select "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu
  3. Select the "Displays" icon
  4. When the "Displays" window appears, click the Detect Displays button

Remember, please make sure that the projector is set to the correct input mode (either VGA or HDMI).  To change the input mode, press "Input" on the projector remote until the correct mode is selected.

Individual projector instructions

Please see below for individual projector instructions prepared by eLearning: