Safe Assignments

SafeAssignTM is a plagiarism prevention service offered by and included within Blackboard. SafeAssign assists in detecting unoriginal content in submitted papers. 

SafeAssign uses text matching software to detect unoriginal passages of text and flags them as potential instances of plagiarism. 

Make sure your students know that SafeAssign will only accept .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, .pdf, .rtf and .html files and that papers with images must not exceed 2MB or the submission may fail

Safe Assignments are now integrated within the Assessments, Assignment (see Assignments) for more detail in setting up the assignment

Control Panel, Course Tools, SafeAssign

Listings of Safe Assignments submissions and Direct Submit are still located and available from the Control Panel, Course Tools, SafeAssign area

If you have used the "Course Copy" option for your current course or have Imported your course from a previous course Safe Assignments MUST be synchronized to re-link assignments to the current course. If you do not synchronize the course students may have issues when trying to submit assignments.To synchronize:

Go to Control Panel, Course Tools, SafeAssign. Select SafeAssignments then on the next screen click to select "Synchronize this course" when complete have students to re-submit their Safe Assignments. 


How Do I Use the Direct Submit in SafeAssign?
 PDF image

Direct Submit allows instructors to upload papers directly without student involvement (accommodates those "out of the ordinary" type of situations). Before submitting a document through Direct Submit, the document must be saved locally. You can either upload the file into Direct Submit or use copy/paste to add text directly in the editor.  

  • From the specific Blackboard course select Control Panel, Course Tools, SafeAssign
  • Select DirectSubmit on the SafeAssign pane
  • Click the + before Submit a Paper to expand the Submission Options menu
  • Select the submission options desired and then select whether to upload a file or use the copy/paste option (see more specific in the PDF "How Do I Use the Direct Submit in SafeAssign" link above). Then click Submit

Direct Submit

How Do I Interpret the Report From SafeAssign? PDF image

This document will explain how to interpret the report that is received from a SafeAssign submit.

How Do I Review and Grade A SafeAssign Project?
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Once students have submitted their assignments in SafeAssign the instructor may review the assignment, report and grade the project.

How Do I Clear A SafeAssign Attempt for a Student? PDF image
To allow a student to resubmit a SafeAssign project you must clear the attempt from Blackboard

I receive an error that I am "Not Logged In" to Safe Assignment? Why?

If you receive an error when you attempt to submit an attachment or grade a Safe Assignment indicates that your browser security settings are set not to allow 3rd party cookies. You need to change your browser security Privacy setting to allow and and retry.

The video below shows how to change browser settings in Firefox

Watch "how to"

 How Do I Download SafeAssign Projects Submitted?

  • Go to Control Panel; Course Tools; SafeAssign
  • On the SafeAssign window click to select Safe Assignments.  The Safe Assignment projects are listed.
  • To the right of the project click the chevron (down arrows) and select View Submissions
  • To select all student submissions, place a check mark to the left of the Student ID column or select individual students
  • Click Download All Submissions near the top of the window. This will download the submissions as a zip file and allow you to save locally.

Repeat above for each Safe Assignment project you have in the course 

  "Quick Tips for Faculty" PDF image

Blackboard: Safe Assignment presentation

This video is an archived Wimba Classroom tutorial presentation introducing Blackboard 9.1's Safe Assignment features. (32 minutes)