What is Panopto?

Panopto CourseCast is a presentation capture application that lets you record, capture PowerPoint presentations; audio and video presentations.

How Do I Use Panopto?

Panopto allows instructors and students to record PowerPoint presentations capturing both audio and video.

In order for students to use CourseCast your instructor must first create a folder in Blackboard that allows you save your presentation for review.

Panopto Drop BoxTo use Panopto you must:

  • Download and install the Panopto Recorder on your computer
  • Log in using your Blackboard credentials
  • Create, save, and share your recording

Make recording available in Blackboard

Download Recorder/Install on Windows PC

The Panopto Recorder can be downloaded from the following link
Download for Panopto Recorder for PC  (Note that this is an executable file so on the dialog box select the Save File option)

When the file downloads to the browser's download folder,double-click the to begin the Setup Wizard

Continue through the Setup Wizard by clicking “Next”. When installation is complete, click “Close” then open the recorder

Configure recorder:

  • Server: Type in: in text box
  • Providers: Click the down arrow and select BB Production System. Note: If you find the option for Providers is greyed out - go back to Server option and at the end of “edu” click the space bar, this should then allow you to click the down arrow to the right and select BB 9 System
  • On the Bb login type in your Blackboard username; tab and type in your Blackboard password
  • Check “Save Login and Password” option to have Panopto remember your login

Download/Install on MAC

Download and install the Panopto Recorder for Mac from  Download for Panopto Recorder for MAC (zip file)

When the file downloads, click the downloaded zip file to begin the Setup Wizard

Once installed, click the Panopto Recorder icon to open and select Login

  • On the recorder options dialog box, select the following options: Server Information:
    : (note: if Provider shows Panopto, click the down arrows and select) BB Production System
  • Type in your Blackboard username; tab and type in your Blackboard password and check option "Save Login and Password"
  • Click Log In

Select "Create New Recording" and select the following configuration

  • Capture PowerPoint presentation, check “Record Keynote/PowerPoint”
  • Capture computer screen, check “Record Screen Capture”
  • Capture sound and webcam, check “Record Audio/Video” (the audio bar will move when speaking)
  • Open the PowerPoint presentation and minimize it, the Recorder will record the PowerPoint presentation once you click Start Recording
  • Click Start Recording   

Bring up your presentation, select Slide Show View and when your are ready to begin recording
Use MAC Hot Keys to:

Start the recorder and End the recorder:  CMD+Option+R

Pause the recorder and Resume the recorder: CMD+Option+P


Download and Install Recorder


Using Panopto Recorder