Grading Assignments / Tests

Actions that automatically create a column in the Grade Center
  • Set up an Assignment with “Points Possible” generates a column in the Grade Center
  • Set up Test/Surveys with “Points Possible” generates a column in the Grade Center
  • Set up a “Graded” Discussion Board, Journal or Wiki with Points possible generates a column in the Grade Center

Grade a Submitted Assignment using InLine Grading (NEW)

You can view, comment and grade a submitted ssignment without having to download the document. Acceptable file types include MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF and the original document formatting and embedded images are preserved.  (Note: Inline Grading does not work with Safe Assignments, Forums, Journals and Self & Peer Assessments). 

From Control Panel, Grade Center (either Needs Grading, Assignments, or Full Grade Center) locate and select the student’s submission

  • If using “Needs Grading” just clicking the username will open Inline Grading;
  • If using “Full Grade Center” or “Assignments” select the column/row of the submission to display the down arrow, then select View Grade Details, Grade Attempt


The left pane on the Inline Grading screen shows the Zoom In/Out, Comment, Download (down arrow), and PageUp/Down menu bar and the student's submission

    Clicking on the Comment button opens the editing options available. The submenu allows you to use various types of comments (click down arrow to right of Comment); Comment; Draw; Highlight, aA Text

    Comment: There are three types of comments to select (down arrow to right of comment icon): Point Comment: position the cursor at the point where you want to enter a comment. The comment box opens to the right, type in comment; Area Comment: select and drag to enclose the text, the comment box opens to the right, type in a comment. Text Comment: double-click a word in the text and the comment box will open

    Draw: Clicking Draw will expand the draw tool color options, click on a color the cursor changes to a "pencil" and you can "write" in comments  

    Highlight: Clicking Highlight will expand the highlight color options, click on a color and select text to highlight

    aA Text: Clicking aA Text will expand the text color options and the font size option. Click the desired color and font size, position the cursor and begin typing.

    To delete any comment, select the comment, right click and select Remove

    The right panel of the Inline Grading screen allows you to expand Assignment Details; the grading rubric, and attempt. You can type an overall grade and grade for each attempt as well as provide feedback to your students without leaving the page.

    • Once graded, scroll down and select Submit

     InLine Grading

    Watch It!   or  Download PDF

    Clear a Student's Attempt

    The instructor can decide to clear a student's attempt of an assignment or exam by:

    • Accessing the row of the individual and the column of the assignment
    • Click the chevron (down arrow) to the right of the grade and select View Grade Details
    • Select Clear Attempt on the next screen . A confirmation will "pop up" indicating that action cannot be undone, click OK


    Student View of Grade Details

    When you grade a student’s assignment or test, they access their grade information from Course Tools; MyGrades. MyGrades area is presented in a columnar format with the following information:

    • Item Name:  The name you associated with the assignment/test
    • Details: Item details such as the category assigned to and any description if available
    • Due Date: Assigned due date if applicable
    • Last Student / Last Instructor Activity: The date of the last action by the student (either date submitted; edited; replaced or date instructor graded) 
    • Grade: The student’s posted grade. The student can click on the “hyperlinked grade” to see details such as any instructor’s comments 
      and any attached files regarding the submission
    • Poiints Possible: Points the assignment worth
    • Comments: Comments added by the instructor in the "Feedback to User" area when grading