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Installed Software for E30 Computer Lab

The following software will be installed on the computers (*installed only on laptop computers) in lab E30 for the 2013-2014 academic year. This list is subject to change. New and updated versions are highlighted in yellow.

dSPACE is installed on 10 desktop computers only.


Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Microsoft operating system


Microsoft Office 2013

Access Database software
Excel Spreadsheet software
Outlook Email client
Power Point Presentation software
Project* Project management software
Publisher Document creation software
Visio* Data visualization and diagramming software
Word Word processing software
MS Expressions Web 4 Website development software


Other Software

Name of Software (Publisher)


Fluent (ANSYS 14.5) Software for engineering simulation
Matlab 2013a (The MathWorks) Software for simulation and model-based design.
Adams 2013 (MSc) Software for multibody dynamics and motion analysis
dSPACE(dSPACE) installed on some desktop computers only Software for controller development process
Arena 14 (Rockwell) Modeling and simulation software tool



Name of Software (Publisher)


7-Zip (Microsoft) File compression software
Blackboard IM (Wimba) Collaboration & communication software design for educational institutions
CDBurner XP (CDBurner XP) Software application to burn CDs and DVDs
Firefox (Mozilla) Web browser
Flash Player (Adobe) Media player
Internet Explorer 9 (Microsoft) Web browser
Intervideo WinDVD (Corel) Media player
Java (Oracle) Java program platform which supports Internet applications
Microsoft System Endpoint Protection (Microsoft) Anti-virus protection
MS Calc (Microsoft) Calculator application
Nook Study (Barnes & Noble) e-reader application
PDF Creator (Sound Forge) PDF creation software
Quicktime (Apple) Media player
Reader (Adobe) PDF reader
Realplayer (RealNetworks) Media player
Safe Connect Policy Key (Impulse) Network admittance client
Shockwave Player (Adobe) Media player
VLC Media Player (Videolan) Media Player
Win SCP (Win SCP) Graphical SFTP client
Windows Media Player (Microsoft) Media player
Write and Cite III plug-in (Refworks) Reference management software