Adding a graded assessment in Blackboard allows students to electonically submit assignments in Blackboard.

This option can be used for general graded assignments and SafeAssign is now integrated into regular Assignments where almost all assignment features are available with SafeAssign services, including allowing multiple attempts, anonymous grading, and the ability to assign to groups.

Benefits of adding a Blackboard assignment:

  • You, as the instructor, are able to access the assignment from within Blackboard and students are able to electronically submit their assignments
  • The assignment automatically creates a Grade Center column
  • With the latest upgrade to Blackboard, Safe Assignments are now integrated within the assignment area! 
  • Information on date/attempts are available to you within Blackboard 
  • Grading assignments can be accomplished using the In-Line Grading option (even for Safe Assignment submissions) where you see the text of the assignment, add individual comments, assign grading rubric that allow students immediate feedback

Create Assignments
  • Log in and enter your course (make sure Edit Mode in "ON")
  • Select a course menu area for the assignment, i.e., Assignments
  • Select Assessment button, scroll and select Assignment

Assignment Information

  • Name: Type the assignment name (required), select (optional) color and enter any instructions for the students (optional)

NOTE: Safe Assignments no longer carry an identifying green check icon. Make sure that you include in the Name or in the description an indication that the assignment is Safe Assignment for example: Assignment #1 Safe Assign

  • Assignment Files: To attach a file, e.g., an example file,  select “Browse My Computer” or “Browse Content Collection” select and open (attach) 
  • Due Dates: Select Date/Time (submissions are accepted after this date but are marked Late). Including a Due Date also adds the assignment to the student’s Calendar!
  • Grading: Points Possible: type in the grading points 
  • Associated Rubrics: Select Rubric (existing), Create New Rubric, or Create from Existing (edit options).
    • If a rubric is added, the option to “Show  Rubric to Students” becomes available. 

Add Rubric

Safe Assignment (NEW) integrated OPTIONS

  • Submission Details: click to expand the NEW ASSIGNMENT TYPE OPTIONS
  • Type: Select whether the assignment is a “Individual Submission”, “Group Submission”, or a “Portfolio Submission
  • Number of Attempts: Select Single Attempt, Multiple Attempts (type in #) or Unlimited 
  • Plagiarism Tools: Placing a check mark in this box makes the assignment a SAFE ASSIGNMENT! Select the “Allow” box to allow students to view the SA report. Selecting the option "Exclude submissions" makes this a "DRAFT" Safe Assignment
  • Grading Options: click to expand allows you to enable Anonymous Grading and/or Delegated Grading
  • Display of Grades: click to expand allows you to select Primary display (score) and Secondary (none); include in Grade Center calculations; and Show Grade to Student options
  • Availability Options: Make the "Assignment Available" and then click Submit

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