Create Assignments
  • Select a course menu area for the assignment, i.e., Assignments
  • Select Assessment button, scroll and select Assignment

Assignment Information

  • Type the assignment Name (required), select (optional) color and enter any instructions for the students (optional)

Assignment Files: To attach a file, e.g., an example file,  select “Browse My Computer” or “Browse Content Collection” select and open (attach) 


  • Points Possible: Type in grading points
  • Associated Rubrics: Select Rubric (existing), Create New Rubric, or Create from Existing (edit options).
    • If a rubric is added, the option to “Show  Rubric to Students” becomes available.

Add Rubric

Availability: select check box to make the Assignment available to students. Select the option for the number of attempts (Allow single attempt; unlimited attempts or type in the number of attempts you will allow)

Why should I consider allowing more than one attempt?

If you create an assignment  that consist of outlines, citations page, rough draft, and final paper, setting up an assignment with four attempts allows students to upload a submission for each stage of the assignment.  The benefits allow you, as the instructor, to:

Grade each submission - but only use the grade for the final paper. You can review the submitted outlines, citations and rough draft and provide feedback at each stage of the assignment

If the student submits a wrong file or forgets to add the file before submitting, the student has the ability to upload the correct file and you will not have to manually clear the student’s attempt. Blackboard will list the most recent submission first so that you can determine which attempt to validate.

  • Limit Availability: Select a Display After/Until date/times
  • Track Number of Views: tracks/reports usage, viewing, and student access of assignment

Due Dates

  • NEW ! Selecting a Due Date will automatically add the assignment date to the updated Calendar option for viewing. Also, any submissions accepted after this date, will be marked Late
  • Recipients: Each student individually (default); Groups of students (selective)

Recipients: All Students Individually or Groups of Students (see Create Group Assignments below)

Click Submit

Download PDF


Create Group Assignments

Creating a Group Assignment follows the same steps as creating any other assignment. The only stipulation is that the group (or groups) MUST be created first before the group assignment is created!

Name the assignment and select the options (see Create Assignment steps). Set up for groups:

Option 6 Recipients
  • Select the option for Groups of Students
  • On the left hand column, Items to Select, select the Group Name and click the > to move to Select Items
  • Click Submit

Only the students who are part of that Group (or groups) will have the assignment available