Issues Affecting Blackboard

Browser Security Settings

Browser security settings may prevent options to upload attachments, open plug-in interfaces, or other similar issues. If this occurs (depending on browser) the following steps should resolve the issues:


  • Click File from menu bar. Select Tools, Options, Security (tab)
  • On the first option "Warn me when sites try to install add-on", click the Exception box to the right
  • In "Allowed sites" add the following addresses;; and
  • Click Close, click Okay

Additional Firefox exception note (Gmail): If the pop-up blocker in Firefox is enabled, it will prevent the user from being able to add attachments in Gmail. 

To resolve, follow the steps below:

  • Click File from menu bar. Select Tools, Options, Content tab
  • Click Exceptions to the right of Block Pop-Up Windows
  • Add the the exceptions list


  • Click the three bars on the right side of the address menu area
  • Select Settings from the list of options then select Advanced Options tab (near bottom)
  • Under Privacy select Content Settings, Manage Exceptions
  • In Allow box type in; safeassign.con and
  • Click Done

 Using Microsoft Internet Explorer for Blackboard access (Instructors/TAs)

Blackboard has issued notification regarding issues using Internet Explorer. Microsoft's Update to IE 11 this week causes crashes and "freezing screen" issues with Blackboard...

"On February 11th, 2014, Microsoft released a Cumulative Security Update, MS14-010.
This security update causes Internet Explorer 11 to crash when an instructor accesses any Blackboard Learn course that has Edit Mode turned on. This security update was pushed to all Windows users with IE11"

There is no resolution to the issue in Internet Explorer other than accessing Blackboard using another browser -- either Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Issues playing MP3 media files within Blackboard (Firefox)

If you have difficulty playing MP3, MP4 files within Blackboard and are prompted with an error message regarding QuickTime plug-in download, the steps listed below have resolved the issues related to this on the LTU issued laptops.

  1. First scroll down under the log in option and click on the icon Test My Browser. You will receive a report on what Blackboard finds. You will see a green check mark before the options available. The one you want to focus on is Apple Quick Time plug-in. Blackboard indicates Quick Time is installed but not opening in course ...
  2. Uninstall Quick Time. Click Windows (8) Start. Use search option and select Uninstall Quick Time. Proceed through the uninstall process
  3. Restart the computer (the restart option may seem redundant but the process seems to work better when done)
  4. Open Firefox, go to and click ITunes icon. Download ITunes. Select desired options. Open ITunes after install and agree to license
  5. In Firefox, go to Tools, Options, Security, Exceptions make sure that the following are listed *, and *, * If not listed , enter in the Allow box and click OK, close browser and restart computer.

After computer restart, log into Blackboard using Firefox

  1. Select the media file that you originally tried to open. When prompted with Install Plugin and QuickTime, click Manual Install
  2. On the QuickTime website, select Download, Save File
  3. Run the downloaded file - Tools, Downloads, and double-click the executable to install
  4. Log out of Blackboard, close Firefox and restart computer and Blackboard (again)

This has resolved the issue in most cases, if not resolved, please email the Help Desk at

JAVA Update Version 1.7.0_55 (May 2014)

Update: The above JAVA update version 1.7.0_55 has been tested with Blackboard and appears to be stable with no identifiable issues. If status changes, notice will be updated on this website 



Blackboard recently changed the verbiage on course exports emails. Since the email is now handled differently than in the past, it can be a bit misleading when you first encounter it.

If your export email states that  

"Export Failed: [COURSEID] could not be completed
The requested operation failed and could not be completed. Contact the System Administrator for more information"

This means there is some error within the export than needs to be reviewed.

To review the error:

 - Return to the export area of the course within Blackboard
 - To the right of the export file, click the down chevron arrow and select "View Detailed Log"


This detailed log will display any warnings or errors that occurred within the course. If you have any questions or concerns about the errors/warning displayed, please send us an email at