Blackboard upgrade

Blackboard Upgrades

New features & functionality

LTU has upgraded Blackboard to Blackboard 9.1 SP13 that offers exciting new changes and improvements. Logging into Blackboard is the same using your network password and username.

The system layout is the same with a fresh, cleaner interface and a number of new enhancements for both instructors and students.

Some of the new enhancements and improvements include better calendar functionality; enhanced grading options; and improved text editor functionality and features.



NEW Global Navigation, My Blackboard and Notifications
  • Global Navigation provides an aggregate view across these areas such as Posts and Calendar.
  • The Notification system automatically alerts you when events occur in your courses which can be configured within Global Navigation.

NEW Retention Center

  • Replacing the old Early Warning System, the new Retention System  provides instructors a way to identify, monitor and connect with "at risk" students earlier in the semester.

NEW Inline Assignment Grading

  • Student assignments can be viewed and graded within the browser without having to download the document.
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF are viewable with formatting and embedded images of the original document preserved.
  • Instructors can add comments, grading notes and grade assignment in one place.

Updated Rubrics (percentage range)

  • Updated Rubrics include Percentage Range along with Points Range. The Percentage Range options allows a single rubric to work with any assignment.

Updated Discussion Board Enhancements

  • The Discussion Board forums/threads have taken on a new look which allow you to reply directly within the post.
  • New discussion board posts will appear within the Global Navigation area

Updated Content (Text) Editor

  • Now copy/paste from Word/Excel with formatting preserved.
  • Includes an update to the existing Math editor
  • Also includes the NEW Video Everywhere features that allows users to record (and reuse) video captured from webcam, upload directly to YouTube, and incorporate in Blackboard.

Updated Assessment (Tests options, Item Analysis)

  • Test Availability Exceptions allow instructors to select different options for test attempts; dates/times for individual students/groups
  • Test Access Log gives instructors the ability to confirm whether students began a test or ran into problem during the test with access to detailed information on the student attempt
  • Item analysis provides statistics on overall test performance and on individual test questions. The data can be used to improve questions or adjust credit on current attempts.

Updated Calendar

  • The calendar now provides more features such as recurring events and drag and drop functionality.
  • More closely integrated with assignment due dates in the course.
  • Creating and adding a Due Date to an assignment, test or item will generate the event automatically in the course calendar for that day.
  • Change the due date by drag/drop and the item in the calendar and the assignment due date and Grade Center due date will also update.

Updated Grading View (Students)

  • The My Grades tool for students consolidates all grades from across all enrolled courses into one view.
  • There's no need to go in and out of each course to check grades.
  • Quickly see a list of the latest grades received and selecting the grade see additional details (instructor's feedback and comments, if available).