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Lenovo Yoga

Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Management


Eligible Fall 2014 students enrolled in the Arts and Science, Engineering, or Management colleges can receive a Lenovo Yoga ultrabook pre-loaded with program specific industry standard software through the LTuZone Program.  Please note that Game Development students will no longer receive the tablet computer and will be using the HP Z Book.

Click on the tabs below for detailed specifications on hardware and software.



Processor: Intel Core i7 4500U (1.80GHz) Haswell
Memory: 8 GB
Hard Drive: 256 GB Solid State Drive
Display Panel: 12.5" MultiTouch (1920x1080)
Wireless: Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260
Graphics Processor: Intel HD Graphics
Ports: Mini HDMI, SD Card Slot, Headphone port, 2 USB ports
Features: Combined Wacom Digitizer Pen
Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth
Camera: Integrated Camera

Installed Software


The following software (*64-Bit Version) will be installed on all Arts and Sciences and Management Lenovo Yoga laptops for the 2014-2015 academic year.  This list is subject to change.

Windows 8.1 OS Visual Studio Premium 2013
7-Zip VLC Media Player
Adobe Reader XI VPN Client
Blackboard IM WinSCP
Chemdraw  Adobe Creative Cloud
ChemPad 3 Acrobat Professional XI 
DataStudio 1.9.8r10 After Effects 
DjVu Plug-in Audition
E-Reader Bridge
Google Drive Dreamweaver
Google Earth 7.1 (Free version) Edge Animate
Internet Explorer 11 Extension manager Firework 
Java Flash Professional
K2 client Forms Central
Labview Illustrator
Logger Pro  InCopy
Maple 18 InDesign
MapleSim 6.4 Media Encoder
Microsoft System Center Photoshop
Endpoint Protection Photoshop Ligthroom
Mimics Microsoft Office 2013
Minitab 17 Access 
Mozilla Firefox Calc Plus
Panopto Excel  
Nook eStudy Expression Web 4
PDF Annotator 4 InfoPath Designer 
PDF Creator InfoPath Filler 
PsychoPy  OneNote 
Quicktime Outlook 
Refworks Plugin  PowerPoint 
Safe Connect Policy Key Project 
Scientific Viewer v5.5 Publisher 
SketchUp Pro Visio 
Spartan Student* V6  Word 
UW Classroom Presenter 3  


The following software (*64-Bit Version) will be installed on all Engineering Lenovo Yoga laptops for the 2014-2015 academic year.  This list is subject to change.

Windows 8.1 OS Refworks Plugin 
7-Zip RISA 3D* v10
Adobe Reader XI Safe Connect Policy Key
ArcGIS Scientific Viewer v5.5
BeigeBag Spice Siemens NX
Bentley CulvertMaster v8i SketchUp Pro
Bentley FlowMaster v8i  UW Classroom Presenter 3
Bentley Geopak v8i Visual Studio Premium 2013
Bentley Hammer v8i VLC Media Player
Bentley Microstation v8i VPN Client
Bentley PondPack v8i  Adobe Creative Cloud 
Bentley SewerCAD v8i  Acrobat Professional XI 
Bentley SewerGEMS v8i  After Effects 
Bentley StormCAD v8i  Audition
Bentley WaterCad v8i Bridge
Bentley WaterGEMS v8i Dreamweaver
Blackboard IM Edge Animate
Chemdraw  Extension manager Firework 
ChemPad 3 Flash Professional
DataStudio 1.9.8r10 Forms Central
DjVu Plug-in Illustrator
E-Reader InCopy
Google Drive InDesign
Google Earth 7.1 (Free version) Media Encoder
Internet Explorer 11 Photoshop
Java Photoshop Ligthroom
K2 client Autodesk 2014
Labview AutoCAD Architecture
Logger Pro  AutoCAD 
Maple 18 Autocad Civil 3D
MapleSim 6.4 Microsoft Office 2013
Mathcad 15 Access 
Matlab & Simulink R2014b Calc Plus
MicroCap Excel  
Microsoft System Center - Expression Web 4
Endpoint Protection InfoPath Designer 
Mimics InfoPath Filler 
Minitab 17 OneNote 
Mozilla Firefox Outlook 
Panopto PowerPoint 
PDF Annotator 4 Project 
PDF Creator Publisher 
Quicktime Visio 
Ram Structural Systems v8i Word

Installed Software

2013-2014 academic year

The following software (*64-Bit Version) was installed on our previous machines for the 2013-2014 academic year.


Microsoft Windows 7 Professional* Microsoft operating system



Acrobat X Professional Create and manage PDF documents
Air Enables developers to use HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash® software, and ActionScript® to build web applications
Bridge Digital asset management software
Dreamweaver Web design software
Encore Creative tools for DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring as well as SWF file export to the web
Flash Builder Software for building games and applications
Flash Professional Authoring environment for creating animation and multimedia content
Fireworks Authoring environment for creating vector and bitmap images, mockups, 3D graphics, and interactive content
Illustrator Authoring environment for creating vector and graphic designs
InDesign Desktop publishing application
Media Encoder Automates the process of creating multiple encoded versions of source files
Photoshop Extended Image authoring tool
Prelude Tool for Windows and Mac to review, import, log, select, and export tapeless media
Premiere Pro Video authoring software
SpeedGrade Professional color correction application
After Effects   Graphics & visual effects software for film, online, & mobile devices



3DS Max Design 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing software
AutoCAD Architecture* AutoCad software created for architects
AutoCAD* Computer aided design software
Civil 3D* Building information modeling (BIM) software for civil engineering
Inventor Fusion 3-D modeling software
Maya* - on campus use only  3D animation, modeling, simulation, and visual effects software
Navisworks Manage* Construction design simulation and validation testing software
Revit Modeling software from Autodesk



CulvertMaster 3.3* Software to support culvert hydraulic problems
Flowmaster 8.11* Hydraulic Analysis for Open Channels, Pipes, Weirs, and Orifices
Hammer V8i* Water Hammer and Transient Analysis Software
PondPack* Detention Pond Analysis and Design
SewerCad v8i* Wastewater collection modeling and design
SewerGems v8i* Urban sanitary and combined sewer modeling and management
StormCad v8i* Storm sewer design and modeling
WaterCad V8i* Water distribution modeling and management
WaterGems V8i* Water distribution modeling application 



Access Database software
Excel Spreadsheet software
Expression Web 4 Web site development software
InfoPath Design XML authoring and viewing software
InfoPath Filler XML authoring and viewing software
OneNote Note taking and information management software
Outlook Email client
Power Point Presentation software
Project Project management software
Publisher Document creation software
Visio Data visualization and diagramming software
Word Word processing software



Name of Software (Publisher)


ArcGIS 10.1 - on campus use only (ESRI) Integrated geographic information system software suite
B2 A/D Spice (BeigeBag) Circuit design software
Calc Plus (Microsoft) Calculator and conversion software
Catia V5R21 - on campus use only (Dassault Systèmes) CAD design software
ChemDraw Pro 13.0 (Cambridgesoft) Chemical drawing software
Chempad 3.5b (Brown University) Chemical drawing software
COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3b - on campus use only (COMSOL) Engineering, design, and finite element analysis software
DataStudio (Pasco) Data acquisition, display and analysis program
Google Earth-Free Version (Google) Virtual globe, map and geographic information program
LabVIEW Spring 2013 (National Instruments) Software used to create and deploy measurement and control systems
LoggerPro (Vernier Software) Data-collection and analysis software
Maple 16 (Maplesoft) Math software analysis  tool
MapleSim Connector for Simulink(Maplesoft) Exports any MapleSim model to Simulink®
MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox (Maplesoft) High-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to S-Function blocks for seamless inclusion in Simulink® diagrams. 
MapleSim 6 (Maplesoft) Software to create, analyze, and run system-level models
Mathcad 15 - on campus use only (PTC) Engineering calculation software
Matlab & Simulink 2013a - on campus use only (The MathWorks) Software for simulation and model-based design.
MicroCap 10 (Spectrum Software) Schematic editor & mixed analog/digital simulator for electronics engineers
Mimics Student Edition (Materialise) Medical image processing software
Minitab 16 (Minitab) Statistical and process management software
MySQL (MySQL) Database software
RISA 3D 10  - on campus use only (Risa Technologies) Structural engineering software 
SketchUp-Free Pro (Trimble) Design, visualization, and communication software
Spartan Student v5 - on campus use only (Wavefun) Molecular modeling software
Visual Studio Premium 2012 (Microsoft) An integrated development environment and code editor



Name of Software (Publisher)


7-Zip* (Microsoft) File compression software
Blackboard IM (Wimba)  Collaboration & communication software design for educational institutions
Creator LJ (Roxio) Optical-disc authoring-program
DjVu plug-in ( Digital document format viewer for high resolution images and documents
E-Reader (Library application) e-Book reader to use with online books available through LTU Library
Firefox (Mozilla) Web browser
Flash Player (Adobe) Media player
Focus Recorder (Panapto) Slide recording software
Google Drive (Google) Cloud storage service
Internet Explorer 9* (Microsoft) Web browser
Java - 32 & 64-bit* (Oracle) Java program platform which supports Internet applications
K2 client (Sourcecode) Business efficiency and application development software
System Center EndPoint Protection (Microsoft) Desktop security & management software
NOOK Study (Barnes and Noble) eTextbook application
OpenChoice Desktop (Tektronix) Captures oscilloscope screen images, waveform data, and settings 
PDF Annotator (Grahl) Software to add notes, comments, and annotations to PDF files
PDFCreator (Sound Forge) PDF creation software
PowerDVD 8 (CyberLink) Media player
Quicktime Apple) Media player
Reader (Adobe) PDF reader
Realplayer (RealNetworks) Media player
Safe Connect Policy Key (Impulse) Network admittance software
Scientific Viewer 5.5 (MacKichan Software) Viewer to read and print documents with mathematical notations
Shockwave Player (Adobe) Media player
UW Classroom Presenter (University of Wisconsin) Tablet software for digital ink and slide sharing
VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) Media player
Windows Media Player (Microsoft) Media player
WinSPC (WinSPC) Graphical SFTP client
Write-N-Cite III plug-in (Refworks) Reference management software