Supervisor Instructions

Once a candidate is selected please have them complete the new hire packet. Supervisors are responsible for reviewing all employee paperwork to ensure correctly completed forms.

  • Application for Employment
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Federal (Form W-4 (2013)
  • State of MI (Form MI W-4
  • Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification 
  • Payroll Direct Deposit (FA-1012) 
  • Non-U.S. Citizen Employee Tax Assessment (International Applicants only)

Based on the students' eligibility please follow the correct hiring procedure. 

Hiring Process

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

Hiring Department > Provost Office > Human Resources > Financial Aid

International Applicants (including Canada)

Hiring Department > Office of Career Services > Provost Office > Human Resources

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

  • With the student hiring packet Include all copies of authorized documents required for the hiring process.  
  • Direct Supervisors must complete the Request for Personnel Action Form (RPA).
  • The hiring packet and RPA are required to be sent together via interdepartmental mail to the Provost's Office ATTN: Debbie Pryzbylo. 

Note: A blank "voided" check must be included with the direct deposit form.


International Applicant (including Canada)

  • International student employees are required to obtain a social security card from the Social Security Administration Office. Two letters of authorization are required to apply. The hiring Department should complete the Authorization Form F-1/J-1 Form. The student needs to have the original copy of this letter. A scanned copy of the letter should be emailed to The Office of International programs will then assist the student with the Social Security Number application. 
  • Once the student obtains the SSN the new hire paperwork can be completed & sent to HR.

The Executive VP/Provost or President approves/disapproves the RPA and forwards it to Human Resources Department; then the Financial Aid Office for eligibility determination. 

The HR/Payroll Assistant sends an e-mail notification to the requesting department that the RPA has been approved or disapproved. 

The HR/Payroll Assistant generates an employee account number for the new student employee.

Students are not authorized to begin work until the social security card has been authorized and all paperwork has been processed by the Human Resource Department.

For questions pertaining to the hiring process please contact either the Office of Career Services, C404 at 248.204.3140 or The Department of Human Resources 248.204.2151 

Hired a new student assistant?

LTU prides itself on providing employment opportunties to help students develop into professional individuals before they enter the workforce. Our student assistants are at times the first introduction to new students, employers, parents, and other individuals. Here are some helpful hints to assist you and your department in effortlessly transitioning a new hire into the most successful and efficient student assistant!

Before your student begins:

Contact the helpdesk to request permission for access to:

  • Email composites
  • Printers
  • Sharedrives

Outline a student schedule on a spreadsheet and provide a copy to all individuals in the department.

First Day:

Review the job description and essential duties. 
Tour the department introducing all department personnel. 
Explain policies and procedures and ensure student understands the confidentiality agreement.
Provide a tutorial on all electronic devices and operating procedures. 

Training Topics to Consider: 

  • Customer service
  • Phone and email ettiquete
  • Message composition
  • First impression presentation

The Office of Career Services provides many opportunties and events to develop students professionally. If you need assistance with training your student assistant please feel free to contact the Office of Career Services at or 248-204-3140.