Cooperative Education (co-op) is an academic program combining classroom studies with work experience in a field related to your major and career goals.  Co-op gives you a wonderful opportunity to gain relevant career related experiences in your chosen field. 

As a co-op student, you will begin to understand how to make effective career decisions, network with professionals, and get paid for your training! You will not only graduate with a college degree, but also gain practical field experience that will reflect on your resume.

Below are majors that allow students to receive academic credit from co-op experiences:

College of Arts & Sciences
Computer Science
Mathematics & Computer Science      
 College of Engineering
 Architectural Engineering
 Audio Engineering Technology
 Biomedical Engineering
 Civil Engineering
 Civil Engineering & Architecture
 Computer Engineering
 Construction Management
 Electrical Engineering
 Engineering Technology
 Industrial Operations Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering
 Robotics Engineering