campus safety provided services

The Lawrence Technological University Department of Campus Safety is open and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we never close.

University Campus Safety consists of fifteen officers who patrol the campus on a 24-hour basis.  All officers are in constant radio contact with Safety Central, the 24-hour dispatch center for the campus.  The Campus Safety Department never closes.  Lawrence Tech. Campus Safety officers work closely with the Southfield Police, Fire, Life Support (EMS) and Emergency Management Division personnel, with the goal of providing  a safe campus and a well-coordinated effort in the event of an amergency.  LTU Campus Safety officers are not sworn police officers.

Campus Community

  • University “Eyes and Ears”:  Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to be the “eyes and ears” of the Campus Safety Department by reporting crimes, incidents, suspicious persons or events or unusual situations that occur immediately.  When in doubt it is better to report these events than to ignore them.  In many cases these events may be innocent; however it is always better to error on the side caution. If you feel threatened it is by far safer to take action immediately.  If on foot move to an area that is occupied and preferably well lit and call Campus Safety.  
  • Escort Service:  If at anytime of the day or night you feel the need for an escort to or from your vehicle, your classroom or office, please call us and we will be happy to provide you with an escort.
  • Crime Prevention:  The Campus Safety Department does proactive crime prevention by patrolling the campus on foot and in vehicles, securing unlocked doors and buildings, interrogating suspicious persons and logging suspicious vehicles or activities.
  • Outdoor lighting:  Campus walkways and parking areas are lighted for evening use.  Avoid areas that are not lighted.  Please report any malfunctioning lights to Campus Safety.
  • Safety Inspections:  The Campus Safety Department performs inspections of grounds and facilities, with the emphasis of providing a safe campus for all.


  • Enforcement of University Regulations:  The Campus Safety Department is charged with keeping the peace and welfare of the campus.  As such, we enforce University regulations.
  • Collection and dissemination of crime statistics:   The Campus Safety Department records and reports crime information.
  • Identification Cards:  The Registrar’s Office issues the University identification cards.  The Campus Safety Department determines access requirements on a case-by-case basis.  Special accommodations can be made in advance for after-hours issuance.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 248-204-3100, during business hours.
  • Coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement, fire safety and Life Support:  The Campus Safety Department is member of the Southfield Police Department SUPPORTS and PRIDE programs, which both focus on crime prevention and awareness.  Additionally, the Campus Safety Department is a member of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, Michigan Chapter that focuses on campus crime prevention on a national and state level, the American Society for Industrial Security, Detroit Chapter, the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan and the Michigan Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators.

Parking Safety

  • Roadside assistance:  Our vehicles are equipped with self-contained car battery quick chargers and portable air tanks.  We cannot unlock a locked vehicle but will contact a local lockout service for you.
  • Parking Decals & Passes:  We are happy to provide parking decals at no charge to the university population and parking passes to visitors, guest lecturers and guests you may choose to invite to the campus.  Please contact us on a 24-hour per day basis if you are in need of parking decals or passes or have questions about parking.
  • Parking Enforcement:  Campus Safety Officers enforce the University’s parking regulations and laws of the State of Michigan in the case of Handicap or Fire Lane violations.  Campus parking and traffic regulations, appeals and fine information are provided to the University population in this handbook under Parking and Traffic Regulations.


  • Police, Fire or Medical Emergency:  In the event you should need these services please contact our department.  In the case of an emergency our patrol officers can be on the scene in minutes while our central dispatch summons aid and directs the police, fire and/or Life Support (EMS) to the exact location on campus.  seven days a week.  If, for some reason, you require access to a building after hours please have your professor contact us at least two business days in advance at
  • Documentation of incidents involving the University population:  The Campus Safety Department documents events, incidents, accidents, complaints, violations of University policy, rules or regulations, information, and crime information on behalf of the University.
  • Building Access:  The University buildings are open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, seven days a week.  If, for some reason, you require access to a building after hours please have your professor contact us at least two business days in advance at
  • Room or office lockout:  If you find yourself locked out of your room or office, please give us a call.
  • Event Security:  The Campus Safety Department provides security for University events either on or off campus as required or requested.

Mail Services

Mail Services:  We pick up and deliver all incoming and outgoing mail, intra campus mail and packages.  Please contact us with questions you may have regarding mail services.