Welcome to Lawrence Tech on behalf of the Department of Campus Safety. We sincerely appreciate your entrusting your or your son’s or daughter’s education, health, safety and welfare to the University. It is a trust my department takes very seriously.

Our department is a part of Finance and Administration and we report directly to the Vice President of Finance and Administration. We work very closely with the Division of Student Affairs and the Dean of Students. Included within the Division of Student Affairs are Career Services and International Programs, Clinical Counseling Services, Commuter Student Support Services, Disability Services, Sports & Recreation, Student Activities and University Housing. This provides LTU students with a consistent source of policy and information. It provides the University faculty and staff with a single source point for student issues and well being.

Our mission is to provide services that preserve, protect and defend the health, safety and welfare of the University population, guests and invitees, to guard the University’s assets, protect the University from liability and thereby to provide a safe and collegiate atmosphere for all we serve. To provide excellence in services that surpasses the current and future needs of the University.

We encourage and seek diversity in our staff members, which permits us and for all those we may come in contact with to respect each person as an individual. We are committed to providing excellence in our service, congenial professionalism in our demeanor, openness and continued improvement in our staff, all of which reflects our respect for the dignity of those we work with and for those we serve.


Harry Butler
Director/Chief Campus Safety Officer