Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Galaxy morphology classification – Levente (Levi) Dojcsak – Current

Levi Dojcsak (Current dual Physics and Mathematics major) is working (with Dr. Lior Shamir from MCS) on a galaxy morphology classification project.  He is using a software program (written by Dr. Shamir) that quantitatively estimates and compares the spirality of face-on elliptical galaxies. There are a large number of classified galaxy images available with measured redshifts through the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Galaxy Zoo Project. The initial tests of the Ganalyzer program suggest that there are features in the galaxies that cannot be seen by naked eye, such as bars and spirals. These features are quantifiable using computer analysis tools that can do rigorous measurement of light intensities.  Advisor: Dr. Lior Shamir (, and Dr. Scott Schneider (