Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Aero Design Team – wings and landing gear – Christopher Jurczak – 2008

Christopher Jurczak (2008 Dual Mechanical Engineering/Physics graduate) was part of a 3 person Aero Design team that worked on the wings and landing gear for Lawrence Tech’s 2008 SAE Aero Design Competition Team. The purpose of this project was to design, build, and test the wings and landing gear of a radio controlled aircraft which will be used to provide lift and landing capability to sustain a given payload for the aircraft. The key business goals were the design and construction of the most efficient set of wings while keeping weight to a minimum and a light weight and strong set of landing gear, with the primary market being radio airplane enthusiasts and engineering students and major stakeholders being members of the design team, financial donors, and Lawrence Technological University.  Physics advisor: Dr. Scott Schneider (