DBA Program Special Event: 2014 Summer Dissertation Presentations

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    DBA Graduates: Dr. John Cox, Dr. Paul Miklovich, Dr. Jennifer Hitchcock
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    Dean Bahman Mirshab, Assistant Professor Dr. Matthew Cole, DBA Graduate Dr. John Cox, DBA Graduate Dr. Paul Miklovich, DBA Graduate Dr. Jennifer Hitchock, DBA Program Director Dr. Jacqueline Stavros, President Dr. Virinder K. Moudgil, and Provost Dr. Maria Vaz
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    DBA program cohort 10 (Raed Shenaq not pictured)


The College of Management hosted a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program special event on Friday, October 3, 2014–Summer 2014 Dissertation Defense Presentations.

This special event showcased presentations by three recent DBA program graduates, Dr. Jennifer Hitchcock, Dr. Paul Miklovich, and Dr. John Cox, based on their full-length dissertation defenses that took place this summer. Each presentation was 20-25 minutes followed by a brief Q&A.

Dr. Hitchcock presented An Exploration of Organizational Collective Motivation and the Influence of the SOAR Framework to Build Organizational Collective Motivation, Dr. Miklovich presented Stakeholders’ Perception of Legitimacy and the Impact on the Organizational Sustainability Strategy of Federally Qualified Health Centers, and Dr. Cox presented An Evaluation of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, SOAR, and Collaboration: Implications for Teams. Click here for dissertation abstracts and presenter bios.

Audience members included current DBA students; College of Management faculty Dr. Matthew Cole, Dr. David Egleston, Dr. Isar Kiani, Dr. Anne Khonke, Dr. Chih-Hao (Justin) Ku, and Dr. Pavlo Tsebro; College of Management DBA Program Director, Dr. Jacqueline Stavros; College of Management Chair of Management and Marketing, Dr. Shahram Taj; College of Management Dean, Dr. Bahman Mirshab; College of Engineering Dean, Dr. Nabil Grace; Lawrence Tech Provost, Dr. Maria Vaz; and Lawrence Tech President, Dr. Virinder K. Moudgil.

The last 30 minutes of the event featured an open discussion for current DBA students that was facilitated by Dr. Stavros and Dr. Cole. Topics discussed included completing the qualifying paper, completing the dissertation proposal, recruiting participants, collecting data, and qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research approaches. The discussion ended with Dr. Hitchcock, Dr. Miklovich, and Dr Cox providing advice and recommendations on completing the dissertation.

For more information on the DBA Program, including curriculum and admission requirements, please visit www.ltu.edu/management/doctorate/business_admin.asp

DBA Program

Engaged Learning in INT6123 Systems Analysis & Design Class

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37 students assemble each week into 9 different teams, in Dr. Anne Kohnke’s Tues evening INT6123-Systems Analysis & Design class, to collaborate and design a variety of modeling diagrams used by systems analysts in industry.  These hands-on exercises are designed to reinforce the material covered in the text and lectures, helping to prepare these students for jobs in IT.

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    Teams creating a Use Case Diagram in Dr. Kohnke's Fall 2014 Systems Analysis & Design course.
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    Teams conducting a root cause analysis and creating a Fishbone Diagram.
  • DSC06516
    Teams working to create Work Breakdown Structures for their assigned projects.
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    Teams brainstorming to create a Context-level Data Flow Diagram.

Reflective Leadership: An Empirical Study

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Dr. Patricia Castelli presented her research on reflective leadership in a presentation entitled “Reflective Leadership: An Empirical Study” at the Center for Scholastic Inquiry Conference.  Proceedings sharing this title authored by Dr. Castelli, Dr. Thomas Marx, and Dr. David Egleston, has been recently published at the CSI website.  

Faculty and Doctoral Notables

SOAR and Motivation as Mediators of the Relationship between Flow and Project Success.

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Dr. Michael Glovis, a recent graduate of the Doctorate in Business Administration program, Dr. Jacqueline Stavros, and Dr. Matthew Cole, have published an article in the Fall 2014 issue of the Organization Development Journal entitled “SOAR and Motivation as Mediators of the Relationship between Flow and Project Success.”

Faculty and Doctoral Notables

Global Strategic Management

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The College of Management accepted the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Program for its Global Strategic Management course (MBA 6073) taught by professor Michael Thibideau.

Faculty and Doctoral Notables

Authentic Leadership: the Role of Self-Awareness in Promoting Coaching Effectiveness

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Dr. Anthony Gatling (DBA graduate), Dr. Patricia Castelli and Dr. Matthew Cole recently published their article “Authentic Leadership: the Role of Self-Awareness in Promoting Coaching Effectiveness” in the journal Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation, Sage Publications.

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Incorporating UTAUT Predictors for Understanding Home Care Patients

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Dr. Anne Kohnke, Dr. Matthew Cole, and Dr. Richard Bush have published the article “Incorporating UTAUT Predictors for Understanding Home Care Patients’ and Clinician’s Acceptance of Healthcare Telemedicine Equipment” in the Journal of Technology Management and Innovation’s second issue of its ninth volume.

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Bridging Research and Practice: Illustrations from Appreciative Inquiry in Doctoral Research

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Dr. Matthew Cole, Dr. Jennifer Hitchcock (DBA graduate) and Dr. Jacqueline Stavros contributed their article “Bridging Research and Practice: Illustrations from Appreciative Inquiry in Doctoral Research” to the August 2014 issue of the AI Practitioner: International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry.

Faculty and Doctoral Notables

Putting it to the Test of Research: Measuring the Impact of Priority Based Budgeting

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Dr. Sheryl Mitchell, a recent graduate of the Doctorate in Business Administration program, has been invited to present her thesis in a presentation entitled “Putting it to the Test of Research: Measuring the Impact of Priority Based Budgeting” at the 2014 Priority Based Budgeting Conference in Denver, Colorado, on August 6th, 2014.

Faculty and Doctoral Notables

Welcome 2014-2015 SSCF Fellows

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On Monday, July 28, 2014, the newest cohort of the Senior Service College Fellowship (SSCF) program were welcomed to Lawrence Tech. The 2014-2015 fellows are Karen Arnold, Alfredo Avila, Ray Folden, Gloria Harper, Gerardo Sotomayor-Morales, Jim Muldoon, and Mary Trimbell.


The Senior Service College Fellowship program (SSCF) was developed by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) as a result of a critical need for civilian leaders in acquisition for the Army. As a result of this need, a strategic partnership was formed between DAU, Lawrence Technological University and TACOM LCMC as a regional program in the Detroit area.

SSCF is a competitive, intensive 10-month educational program that provides leadership and acquisition training for GS-14s GS-15s civilians for future senior leadership roles such as Program Managers, Product Managers, Program Executive Officers, and other key senior acquisition positions.  In the Midwest region, Lawrence Technological University was chosen from a number of leading colleges and universities to develop and deliver this academic portion of the program. The program began in July of 2007 and contains core elements of global leadership, research, program management, acquisition and national security. It includes interaction with government and industry through on-site visits, guest speakers, workshops and mentors.

After completing the program, fellows receive a Masters degree in Global Leadership and Management and certificates in acquisition and program management.


Welcome to our newest fellows!

SSCF Program
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