Faculty Candidate Visit: Eralda Caushaj – Developing BYOD Policy: Comparing and Evaluating Leading Smartphone Platforms

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On Friday, November 14th at 12:00 pm at M336 Dr. Eralda Caushaj will be presenting Developing BYOD Policy: Comparing and Evaluating Leading Smartphone Platforms.

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Faculty Candidate Visit: Bharat S Rawal Kshatriya – Applications of Split-protocol

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On Monday, November 10th at 12:00 pm at M336 Dr. Bharat Rawal will be presenting on Applications of Split-protocol.


A protocol is considered to be in-separable entity between two communicating parties. This paper proposes a novel concept that changes the definition of protocols by splitting a protocol into two sub-entities. This proposed architecture performs identical functions as a non-split protocol system and builds a foundation for many innovative ideas that are not envisioned in a non-split protocol system. The split protocol concept and its motivations are presented here. The concept is explored in implementing client server architectures, mini-cluster configurations and migratory servers, Big-Data and DDoS. Attributes such as improvement in server performance, constructing a variety of mini-cluster configurations to serve large workloads, building clusters without using expensive partitioning strategies, achieving simpler migratory servers and enriching client server architectures to accommodate client splitting and achieving inherent reliability in server designs have being found in the split concept. The above novel features are illustrated in this paper by describing architecture, design and implementation of Web server and client applications. In addition, this paper also serves as a single source of knowledge for split protocol concept and its broader impact on future network architectures, designs and implementations.

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Congratulations to Mr. Tim Emmitt on becoming the new President of Belwith Products, LLC!

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Tim Emmitt

Mr. Tim Emmitt, adjunct professor in the MBA program was announced the new President of Belwith Products, LLC. this Friday, Oct 31, 2014.

Mr. Emmitt joins Belwith Products, LLC from his role as President at 52nd Street Advisors, LLC.  Prior, he was the President at Romeo Rim, a Director at Grant Thornton, Chief Operating Officer at Noble International and spent 15 years working in various financial and leadership positions at Chrysler.

Mr. Emmitt has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  Mr. Emmitt is also an adjunct professor in the MBA program at Lawrence Technological University.

According to Tim, “I look forward to being part of Belwith and its strong culture of meeting customer needs and providing leadership in design, market trends, and technology.  I am very excited to be a member of the Belwith team and a company with such a rich history.”

Mr. Emmitt will be working out of the Grandville, Michigan headquarters of Belwith Products, LLC.


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Fall Student Orientation Workshops

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Student Resources

Here at College of Management we try our best to provide you with the information that can help you succeed – in the classroom and outside its doors.

Check out the videos from the Fall Student Orientation Workshops:

Time Management and Study Skills:

APA writing Style:



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Executive-To-Executive Series: The Future of Technology

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On October 7th, 2014,  John Fikany, vice president, Microsoft Corporation’s U.S. Enterprise and Partner Group for the Central Region spoke to our students on the topic of The Future of Technology.

Plante & Moran Executive-To-Executive Leadership Development Series is designed for current and future leaders and Board members. Speakers will share specific lessons from their experiences. By attending, you will have the opportunity to apply proven strategies and approaches to significantly impact your organization.

We appreciate the ongoing support form the partners in this series:

  • Plante & Moran
  • United Way of Southeastern Michigan
  • Lawrence Tech
  • Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • The McGregor Fund
  • Blender Consulting Group

All programs are in the Marburger Auditorium at Lawrence Technological University #14 on this campus map. (Southfield, MI). Coffee and networking at 8:00 am. Program begins 8:30 am.

Visit our page to register for future Executive-to-Executive Series events: http://www.ltu.edu/management/executivetoexecutive.asp

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Personal Finance For College And Beyond | Featuring Rick Bloom, J.D., CPA

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On Monday, October 6th and Wednesday, October 8th, students had an opportunity to attend Personal Finance For College And Beyond lecture by Financial expert, Rick Bloom, from Bloom Asset Management in Farmington Hills.

About the presentation:

While students spend a lot of time studying math, science or history in high school, the schools have done a poor job of educating students on how to manage their finances. That lack of financial knowledge can create bigger problems as college students try to handle college costs and real world expenses once they graduate.

Financial expert, Rick Bloom, from Bloom Asset Management in Farmington Hills will provide tips for good personal financial habits for college. He will also look at ways college graduates can avoid some financial pitfalls once they enter the work world and have to deal with paying off college loans and incurring other expenses. As Rick Bloom always says, it’s not how much you make, but how much you save.This presentation will help students and graduates learn more about being fiscally responsible with their personal finances.

Rick Bloom is a founder and partner in Bloom Asset Management and the law firm Bloom, Bloom & Associates in Farmington Hills and is a twice-weekly financial columnist for the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers. Rick has also been featured on WXYZ-TV Channel 7’s “Don’t Waste Your Money” segment.

He served as host of the popular “Rick Bloom Show” on WDTK-AM 1400 and was also host of the “Money Talk” radio show on WXYT 1270-AM for 16 years.

Rick is an honors graduate of both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan Law School. He is a licensed attorney and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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Dr. Patricia A. Castelli receives eLearning Certificate for Online Course Development

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Castelli eLearning Award

Congratulations to Dr. Patricia A. Castelli on receiving a Certificate from eLearning services for successfully completing advanced LTU Online Course Development Training for LTU Online Programs, Awarded Fall 2014.

“It’s been a learning journey and I could not have been successful without the guidance and mentoring of Professor Diane Cairns, eLearning.”

~ Dr. Patricia A. Castelli

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Congratulations to Dr. Isar Kiani who will be Valedictorian of the John Molson School of Business for fall 2014 graduating class.

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Isar Kiani

Isar Kiani

PhD, Business Administration
John Molson School of Business

Kiani’s PhD research at Concordia focused on processes and agents that facilitate the diffusion of market information.

She is currently working as an assistant professor of marketing at Lawrence Technological University, Michigan, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses. Her research has grown to include the study of environmental activist groups and how their activities influences consumer attitudes.

3 keys to a good education

  • “Commitment to a vision. The PhD experience is a complex journey with many twists and turns that could easily derail. To succeed, you must never lose sight of the ultimate objective.”
  • “Flexibility. While commitment to the vision is critical, the successful PhD student possesses a curious mind and stays flexible to experience a more fruitful journey.”
  • “Opportunism in learning. There is so much to learn as a graduate student and being a student gives you the perfect excuse to express your curiosity!”

2 lessons learned at Concordia

  • “There are many different lenses that can be applied to observe the same phenomenon. At Concordia, I found a great opportunity to benefit from sitting in classes from various disciplines and to understand how not just one, but many theoretical perspectives could exist in parallel.”
  • “I learned that everyone has something you can learn from. One’s apparent limitation is never a good excuse for dismissal of other capabilities. At Concordia, I learned that you should always meet others with an open mind to learn because your refusal to do so means that you have lost an opportunity.

1 piece of advice for future grads

  • “More important than the diploma you receive is the experience you gain along the way. Try to ensure that this experience is one you stay fond of for the remainder of your life.”

Link to the original article by Joanne Latimer on Concordia’s Web site

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Human Resource Management Journal

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Students in the undergraduate human resource management class have a fun assignment this semester. In order to help students see how prevalent HR issues are, students have been asked to find news articles on television and print such as magazines and newspapers that relate to HR topics from class. The purpose of this assignment is to help students see HR in action and that many decisions including legislative actions and corporate policies have implications for human resources.

The assignment requires each student to identify an HR story, summarize it in one or two paragraphs and provide a link or citation so other students who would like to learn more can find the story. Students have described this assignment as useful and eye opening. One student joked that we are “surrounded by HR!”

  • DEgleston1
    Dr. David Egleston describing the Human Resource Management Journal assignment in his class.
  • DEgleston2

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First Wednesday Series 2014: Creating Your Personal Brand Strategy

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  • First Wednesday Series With Jackie
  • First Wednesday Series With Jackie4
  • First Wednesday Series With Jackie5
  • First Wednesday Series With Jackie3


On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, the College of Management proudly hosted a First Wednesday Series presentation on Creating Your Personal Brand Strategy sponsored by the Office of Career Services.

Dr. Jacqueline M. Stavros, Professor and Director of the DBA program in the College of Management presented a unique approach utilizing the SOAR-based framework to create a personal brand strategy for personal and professional development.

Throughout the course of the presentation, the audience was encouraged to assess and understand personal strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and desired results in order to effectively communicate the value and talents that set them apart from other candidates. Using tools created for this event, Career Builders’ SOAR-based Workbook and Worksheet, Dr. Stavros offered a clear-path solution to identifying and aligning personal values, vision, and mission with the needs of organizations.

“When you combine your strengths and passion with a clear vision and mission, you can create a brand strategy that provides you a pathway to success in your career.”

(Dr. Jacqueline M. Stavros)

For more information on the First Wednesday Series and future presentations, please see First Wednesday Series 2014 Flyer.

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