Incorporating UTAUT Predictors for Understanding Home Care Patients

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Dr. Anne Kohnke, Dr. Matthew Cole, and Dr. Richard Bush have published the article “Incorporating UTAUT Predictors for Understanding Home Care Patients’ and Clinician’s Acceptance of Healthcare Telemedicine Equipment” in the Journal of Technology Management and Innovation’s second issue of its ninth volume.

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Bridging Research and Practice: Illustrations from Appreciative Inquiry in Doctoral Research

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Dr. Matthew Cole, Dr. Jennifer Hitchcock (DBA graduate) and Dr. Jacqueline Stavros contributed their article “Bridging Research and Practice: Illustrations from Appreciative Inquiry in Doctoral Research” to the August 2014 issue of the AI Practitioner: International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry.

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Putting it to the Test of Research: Measuring the Impact of Priority Based Budgeting

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Dr. Sheryl Mitchell, a recent graduate of the Doctorate in Business Administration program, has been invited to present her thesis in a presentation entitled “Putting it to the Test of Research: Measuring the Impact of Priority Based Budgeting” at the 2014 Priority Based Budgeting Conference in Denver, Colorado, on August 6th, 2014.

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Welcome 2014-2015 SSCF Fellows

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On Monday, July 28, 2014, the newest cohort of the Senior Service College Fellowship (SSCF) program were welcomed to Lawrence Tech. The 2014-2015 fellows are Karen Arnold, Alfredo Avila, Ray Folden, Gloria Harper, Gerardo Sotomayor-Morales, Jim Muldoon, and Mary Trimbell.


The Senior Service College Fellowship program (SSCF) was developed by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) as a result of a critical need for civilian leaders in acquisition for the Army. As a result of this need, a strategic partnership was formed between DAU, Lawrence Technological University and TACOM LCMC as a regional program in the Detroit area.

SSCF is a competitive, intensive 10-month educational program that provides leadership and acquisition training for GS-14s GS-15s civilians for future senior leadership roles such as Program Managers, Product Managers, Program Executive Officers, and other key senior acquisition positions.  In the Midwest region, Lawrence Technological University was chosen from a number of leading colleges and universities to develop and deliver this academic portion of the program. The program began in July of 2007 and contains core elements of global leadership, research, program management, acquisition and national security. It includes interaction with government and industry through on-site visits, guest speakers, workshops and mentors.

After completing the program, fellows receive a Masters degree in Global Leadership and Management and certificates in acquisition and program management.


Welcome to our newest fellows!

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Spring 2014 MBA Case Competition

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  • Judges
    Dr. Shahram Taj, Instructor; Rosemary Bayer, Chief Inspiration Office, ardentCause; Dr. Bahman Mirshab, Dean College of Management; Ronald J. Shun, Colonel, Chief of Staff/G3, US Army, TACOM; Janet Ford, Assistant Vice President, JP Morgan; Warren Harris, President, Chief Operating Officer, Tata Technologies; Dr. Maria Vaz, LTU Provost; Dr. Virinder K. Moudgil, LTU President.
  • 1stPlace
    Dr. Shahram Taj, Instructor; Dr. Virinder K. Moudgil, LTU President; Dr. Maria Vaz, LTU Provost; Daphne Joachim; Latoshia Hyatt; Timothy Balogh; Dr. Bahman Mirshab, Dean College of Management.
  • SecondPlace
    Dr. Virinder K. Moudgil, LTU President; Dr. Maria Vaz, LTU Provost; Sheila Thomas; Brandon Henderson; Valerie Cholagh; Dr. Bahman Mirshab, Dean College of Management; Dr. Shahram Taj, Instructor.
  • Team1
    Dr. Shahram Taj, Jeanne Seaman, Wojciech Pilecki, Gloria Seymour, and Tina Zuber.
  • Team4
    Dr. Shahram Taj, Frank Wilson, Brian Giltinan, Mark Blanding, and Jalbir Singh.
  • Team5
    Dr. Shahram Taj, Toi Avery, Nicholas Downing, and not pictured: Nurayman Aljaroudi.


The College of Management hosted its first MBA Case Competition on Friday, May 2, 2014. Five groups of students from Dr. Shahram Taj’s capstone class, Global Strategic Management (MBA 6073), analyzed the current situation and future opportunities for Tata Motors, a global motor vehicle company in front of 5 distinguished judges. The student presentations were based on the Case Study, “Can Tata Motors, Ltd. Become a Global Contender in the Automobile Industry?” Among the judges were, Virinder K. Moudgil, Lawrence Technological University President; Warren Harris, President and Chief Operating Officer of Tata Technologies; Rosemary Bayer, Chief Inspiration Office of ardentCause; Janet Ford, Assistant Vice President, Compliance, Consultant, JP Morgan Chase; and Colonel Ronald J. Shun, Chief of Staff/G3, US Army, TACOM.

Tata Motors, Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. The Tata Group is India’s largest business conglomerate in seven business sectors (chemicals, IT and communications, consumer products, engineering, materials, services, and energy). Tata has operations in over 80 countries, and in 2011, had gross revenue of $83.5 billion, 58 percent coming from international operations. The Tata Group is India’s largest private-sector employer, with over 425,000 employees. It’s a powerful symbol of India’s emergence as a world economic power.

Tata Motors is India’s largest automobile company. It is the fourth largest truck and bus manufacturer in the world. Tata Motors manufactures vehicles in India, Spain, South Korea, the U.K., Thailand, Morocco, and South Africa. The company purchased the iconic British Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008.

The competition was fierce and two teams were very close in terms of score.

The $400 First Place prize was awarded to Timothy Balogh, Latoshia Hyatt, and Daphne Joachim.

The $200 Second Place prize was awarded to Valerie Cholagh, Brandon Henderson, and Sheila Thomas.

The other students who participated were Wojciech Pilecki, Gloria Seymour, Jeanne Seaman, Tina Zuber, Mark Blanding, Brian Giltinan, Jalbir Singh, Frank Wilson, Toi Avery, Nurayman Aljaroudi, and Nicholas Downing.

Following the luncheon and awards ceremony President Moudgil spoke about the Case Competition and how it distinguishes LTU students from other universities to be able to interpret and think of a solution as well as present in front of a highly successful panel allowing students to experience the Practical Model of Theory and Practice.

MBA Program

Volleyball Fridays with the College of Management

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COM Volleyball

At 2pm on Friday, April 11 College of Management has held a friendly volleyball match at the Don Ridler’s Field House, featuring Ali Almahasnah, Dr. Pavlo Tsebro, Vladimir Rozovskiy, Megann Wallace, Dr. Shahram Taj and his daughter Golreez.

Despite the fierce competition, Experience was victorious over Youth, leaving the defeated all the more excited about the revanche game the following Friday. During an anonymous interview, one of the contestants, admitted to being extremely sore the following Saturday, but looking forward to the next COM meetup.

We would like to extend our welcome to any and all who may consider putting on a pair of snickers and hitting the Don Ridler’s house on Friday at 2pm. Come, join us and enjoy the sweet taste of victory!


Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS), Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and SOAR Application in Developing Learning Organizations

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Dr. Jacqueline Stavros and Matthew Cole hosted a workshop for superintendents, principals, teachers, and staff of K-12 school districts on April 29th, 2014, entitled “Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS), Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and SOAR Application in Developing Learning Organizations” at the Thomas Cooley Law School.

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CoM Welcomes Delta Mu Delta Inaugural Class

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On Saturday, April 5, 2014, the Lawrence Technological University College of Management welcomed its inaugural class of Delta Mu Delta inductees. Delta Mu Delta, international honor society in business, is an organization dedicated to recognizing students’ academic achievement in business subjects.

Dr. Betty Jean Hebel, regional representative for Delta Mu Delta, first installed the Nu Alpha chapter at LTU as an official chapter in the society. Following the installation, the chapter’s first honorary members were inducted into Delta Mu Delta. Nu Alpha’s initial honorary members are Dr. Virinder Moudgil, President of LTU; Dr. Maria Vaz, Provost of LTU; Dr. Anne Kohnke Assistant Professor in the College of Management and new faculty adviser for Delta Mu Delta, and Dr. Jackie Stavros, Professor in the College of Management. These four honorary members were chosen based on their commitment to student success and dedication to the College of Management’s overall mission.


After the honorary induction, Dr. Hebel and Dr. Kohnke welcomed 28 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students into membership in Delta Mu Delta. The criteria for induction into Delta Mu Delta as an undergraduate student is a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2, completion of at least 50 percent of the required credits toward their degree, and completion of at least 24 credits at LTU. Graduate and doctoral students must have completed at least 50 percent of the required credits toward their degree and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.85 or higher. All candidates for membership in the society must also be in the top 20 percent of their class.


Following the student induction and dinner, President Moudgil delivered a brief address entitled “Managing Institutions in a Global Society.” During his keynote address, Dr. Moudgil spoke to our inductees and their families about the importance of developing and utilizing their skills in both domestic and international venues.



Congratulations to all of our students who were inducted in recognition of their outstanding academic success! We look forward to the future of Delta Mu Delta on LTU’s campus!

Delta Mu Delta

Mr. David Broome (MSIS ’96) – Presents to MBA 6073 Global Strategic Management For Alumni Week

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David BroomeClass Picture

On 18 Mar, 2014 students from the Global Strategic Management class under the direction of Dr. Shahram Taj were provided the opportunity to hear a presentation from Mr. David Broome, an executive with DTE Energy. As part of “Alumni Week” Mr. Broome not only shared his experiences from his impressive list of credentials, but provided the class an in depth look at a real world strategic focus from which to reflect.

I was thoroughly impressed with both the presentation and the presenter as Mr. Broome walked the students through a top level overview of the company’s strategic vision, all the way to the various divisions that make up DTE. I sincerely appreciate the presenter’s willingness to share his knowledge and experiences as well as his ability field some tough questions at the conclusion. The experience was extremely worthwhile, and it is my hope that the college of management will continue to pursue relationships with industry leaders to inspire the next generation of management professionals.

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Martin Monte (BSET ’98, MBA ’11) Presents to MBA Students for Alumni Week

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Strategic Global Management group photo

Alumni Week at Lawrence Technological University was fulfilling for MBA students in Dr. Shahram Taj’s Global Strategic Management class.   On Monday, March 17th, students in the class, most which will be graduating with their MBA’s in May of this year, had the pleasure of receiving a presentation from Martin Monte who is the Engineering Group Manager in the Body Test Laboratory at General Motors North America.  Monte, who attended LTU for both undergraduate and graduate school, told the students how valuable his LTU education has been during his 29-year stint at General Motors.

Monte received his Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Technology in 1998 and returned to school seven years later, right in the middle of his General Motors career, to obtain his Master’s in Business Administration, which he received in 2011.  During Monday’s presentation, Monte told the MBA students how he has been using his MBA education at his job at GM.  He said that he uses knowledge in the fields of global leadership, global strategic management, management controls and human resources management.  In addition, he uses skills that he developed, as it relates to change management, management information systems and the design and implementation of new products, processes and systems.

Monte not only told the students that his worthwhile MBA degree is being put to use at GM, but he also told students a little about the GM’s global and regional strategies, enabling the students to appreciate and understand how global strategic management is being implemented at GM.   The presentation was very helpful to the students.  One student, Daphne Joachim, was very interested in Monte’s advice for those engineers who also have an MBA.   According to Joachim, “Marty was a Godsend to our class. He’s an engineer with an MBA and I’m an engineer about to complete my MBA.  He gave me advice on crafting my approach to employers and how to show them where my background could be useful.   I’m happy to say he’s a permanent addition to my Linked-In network now.”

Monte’s presentation not only helped the students understand how valuable his MBA education is, and how he is putting it to use at GM, but he also helped the students understand the value of getting that MBA from LTU.   The presentation was an informative and worthwhile example of how an LTU MBA graduate is using his MBA education in an exciting and rewarding career.  In addition, the presentation also helped students understand how a global company like GM is applying the lessons they have learned in Dr. Taj’s Strategic Global Management class.

Alumni Week, Courses/Teaching
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