Fall 2014 MBA Case Competition

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  • Team 2
    Willie Pendergrass, Chih-Yu Shen, Professor Shahram Taj, David Baker
  • Team 1
    Noah Cavitt, Douglas Rutter, Professor Shahram Taj, Christopher Aichler
  • Team 4
    Jack Cosy, Wessam Mansour, Professor Shahram Taj, Paul McDaniel
  • Team 3
    Abhishek Singh, Professor Shahram Taj, NaTonya Tumblin, Shondel Daniel, Termikia Thomas
  • Team 5
    Daniel Ross, Professor Shahram Taj, Adam Crafard, Damon Royster
  • Team 6
    Grant Wenzinger, Alhor Madan, Tynisha McGee, Professor Shahram Taj
  • Team 7
    Aram Manoogian, Christopher deLaFe, Professor Shahram Taj, Ayman Alkafaraneh, Kashyap Shah
  • 3rd Place Winners
    Professor Shahram Taj, Chih-Yu Shen, Willie Pendergrass, David Baker (not pictured), President Moudgil and Dean Mirshab
  • 2nd Place Winners
    Professor Shahram Taj, Kashyap Shah, Christopher deLaFe, Aram Manoogian, Ayman Alkafarneh, President Moudgil, Dean Mirshab
  • 1st Place Winners
    Professor Shahram Taj, Daniel Russ, Damon Royster, Adam Cafard (not pictured), President Moudgil, Dean Mirshab
  • Judges
    Roberto Bortolan, Business Development Manager - Magneti Marelli (FCA Group); Lori Kuehn, Associate Director, Global Enabling Analytics at General Motors; Professor Shahram Taj; Daniel Russ; Damon Royster; President Moudgil; Mark Phillips, Author of Reinventing Communication; Pouya Seifzadeh, Professor of Strategy at IUPUC; Dean Mirshab


The College of Management was proud to host its second MBA Case Competition on Friday, December 12, 2014. Seven groups of students from Dr. Shahram Taj’s capstone class, Global Strategic Management (MBA 6073), analyzed the current situation and future opportunities for CEMEX, a Mexican cement company that has become a major competitor in many countries such as US, Spain, Philippine, Indonesia, Egypt, and Latin America, in front of 5 distinguished judges. The student presentations were based on the Case Study, “The Globalization of CEMEX”.

Among the judges were, Mark Phillips, co-Founder of Vertabase Project Management Software and President of Standpipe Manager, author of Reinventing Communication; Lori Kuehn, Associate Director, Global Enabling Analytics at General Motors; Roberto Bortolan, Business Development Manager – Magneti Marelli (FCA Group); and Pouya Seifzadeh, PhD, Assistant Professor in Strategy, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus.

CEMEX is a Mexican company that has become a major international competitor in cement while maintaining a higher level of profitability than other, longer-established competitors. In 1990, CEMEX faced trade sanctions in US and by the end of 1999, it operated cement plants in 15 countries, owned production/distribution facilities in 30 countries and traded cements in more than 60 countries.

The competition was fierce, but the winners were announced later that day.

The $400 First Place prize was awarded to Adam Crafard, Damon Royster, and Daniel Russ.

The Second Place was awarded to Ayman Alkafarneh, Aram Manoogian, Kashyap Shah, and Christopher deLaFe.

The Third Place was awarded to David Baker, Willie Pendergrass, and Chih-Yu Shen.

The other students who participated were Christopher Aichler, Noah Cavitt, Douglas Rutter, Shondell Daniel, Abhishek Singh, Termikia Thomas, NaTonya Tumblin, Jack Cosey, Wessam Mansour, Paul McDaniel, Alhor Madan, Tynisha McGee, and Grant Wenzinger.

Following the luncheon and awards ceremony President Moudgil spoke about the Case Competition and how it distinguishes LTU students from other universities to be able to interpret and think of a solution as well as present in front of a highly successful panel allowing students to experience the Practical Model of Theory and Practice.

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Executive-To-Executive Series: Achieving Outcomes Through Continuous Quality Improvement

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On January 28th, 2015, Samuel Flanders, M.D., Executive Vice President of Quality, Safety and Clinical Effectiveness at Beaumont Health System spoke to our students on the topic of Achieving Outcomes Through Continuous Quality Improvement.

Plante & Moran Executive-To-Executive Leadership Development Series is designed for current and future leaders and Board members. Speakers will share specific lessons from their experiences. By attending, you will have the opportunity to apply proven strategies and approaches to significantly impact your organization.

We appreciate the ongoing support from the partners in this series:

  • Plante & Moran
  • United Way of Southeastern Michigan
  • Center for Nonprofit Management at Lawrence Technological University
  • Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • The McGregor Fund
  • Blender Consulting Group

All sessions are held on Tuesdays in the Mary E. Marburger Science and Engineering Auditorium (S100), Science Building, Lawrence Technological University. Registration begins and coffee is served at 8 a.m. Presentations are held from 8:30 – 10 a.m.

Visit our page to register for future Executive-to-Executive Series events: http://www.ltu.edu/management/executivetoexecutive.asp

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The Impact of Strategy on Leadership

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Dr. Thomas Marx’s article, “The Impact of Strategy on Leadership”, has been accepted for publication in this summer’s edition of the Journal of Strategy and Management.

This article is a wonderful extension of your conceptual article on leadership and strategy and nicely brings key concepts from both core MBA courses in leadership and strategy.

~ Jacqueline Stavros

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SOAR: Learning to Build a Strengths-Based Strategy

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On January 15th at the Detroit Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Chapter Event, Dr.  Jacqueline Stavros presented: “SOAR: Learning to Build a Strengths-Based Strategy”. http://www.mishrm.org/events/event_details.asp?id=533329

This presentation provided participants with an opportunity to discover how and why SOAR, that uses Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as its foundation, can build positive strategies and lead from an appreciative mind-set that transforms individuals’ and organizations’ performance.

SOAR (Strengths – Opportunities – Aspirations – Results) is a strengths-based strategic thinking, strategy formation and planning framework.


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LTU Bowling team: Determined to Win

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College of Management congratulates the Bowling program with another great win this Saturday. LTU has led the day and ended in first place with a dominating win of 440 pins over the second place team.

We had all five of the A varsity team in the top ten for individual play:

  • 1st – JP Penxa
  • 2nd Scott Kujawa
  • 5th Elliott Arnold
  • tied for 7th Blake Nottle and Brian Busch

As the national rankings will be out in another week, we are crossing our fingers for 14th and above place in the nation. You show great team effort, coaching and leadership.

Thank you for representing the University, and the College of Management!

Continue competing as strongly in the classroom as in the field of play!

Sincere congratulations and Good Luck on the Exams!

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Bill McHenry to speak November 20, 2014 at Lawrence Tech.

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“What Every Inventor Needs to Know about Developing and Marketing their Invention”

Bill McHenry

Bill McHenry, President
Of Envision Sales & Marketing, Chicago, IL

The November 20, 2014 presenter at the IAMD – Inventors Association of Metropolitan Detroit will be Bill McHenry, President of Envision Sales & Marketing located in Chicago IL.

Bill is the founder and President of Envision Sales & Marketing, a company that provides outsourced sales, marketing and business services to help inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes successfully grow their business.

Throughout his noteworthy career, Bill has served in key capacities for a number of varied and high profile companies including Carnation a division of the Nestle Corporation, 3M, North American Philips, and Brach’s Confections in upper executive positions in the sales, marketing, and business development sectors. He has also lent his talents to companies such as Toshiba and Konica Minolta as a National Account Manager. His sales aptitude has garnered tremendous success and is responsible for growing business in excess of one hundred million dollars with giants such as Disney, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Marriott.

Recently Bill has served United Inventor’s Association Board and also holds a board position with the South Florida Inventors & Entrepreneur Club.

Please join us for a very informative presentation which could improve your chances of success with your ideas / products.

The IAMD started meeting on the Lawrence Tech Campus in January, 2012. The November 20, 2014 and December 18, 2014 programs will be held in the C406 the Welcome Center in the Taubman Student Services Building. Starting on January 15, 2015 they will meet in the Buell Management Building in Room M218, Lawrence Technological University, 21000 W. Ten Mile Road, Southfield, MI  48075.  The group meets on the third Thursday of the month from 6:30-9:00 p.m. Join us for networking from 6:30-7:00 pm., followed by program, questions and another networking session from 8:30-9:00p.m. Contact Cathy Philips, Lawrence Tech Library, at 248 204-2994 or e-mail at cphillips@ltu.edu for more information.

The Inventor’s Association of Metropolitan Detroit (IAMD) is a not-for-profit association established to educate inventors of all levels to navigate through the inventing process.  In addition to being an important resource center, IAMD serves as a support group for inventors, who can exchange information, experiences and other advice on how to successfully complete a project.

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First Wednesday Series 2014: Essentials of preparing, designing and delivering an effective presentation

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On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, the College of Management proudly hosted a First Wednesday Series presentation on Essentials of preparing, designing and delivering an effective presentation sponsored by the Office of Career Services.

Dr. David Egleston, COM Professor and Dr. Tom Marx, Professor and Director of Center for Leadership and SSCF Program, presented a recipe for a successful and persuasive presentation.

Throughout the course of the presentation, the audience was encouraged to consider the structure, design, physical appearance, language skills and communication techniques necessary to achieve success both at work and in the classroom. At the end of the workshop, in the spirit of theory and practice, small groups put together short presentations to be evaluated by the audience.

“If you are not confident about what you are speaking about – why should anyone believe you?”

(Dr. David Egleston)

For more information on the First Wednesday Series and future presentations, please see First Wednesday Series 2014 Flyer.

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Faculty Candidate Visit: Hamed Motaghi – The Impact of Information Technology on Creativity

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On Monday, November 17th at 1:00 pm at M336 Mr. Hamed Motaghi will be presenting The Impact of Information Technology on Creativity.

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Faculty Candidate Visit: Eralda Caushaj – Developing BYOD Policy: Comparing and Evaluating Leading Smartphone Platforms

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On Friday, November 14th at 12:00 pm at M336 Dr. Eralda Caushaj will be presenting Developing BYOD Policy: Comparing and Evaluating Leading Smartphone Platforms.

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Faculty Candidate Visit: Bharat S Rawal Kshatriya – Applications of Split-protocol

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On Monday, November 10th at 12:00 pm at M336 Dr. Bharat Rawal will be presenting on Applications of Split-protocol.


A protocol is considered to be in-separable entity between two communicating parties. This paper proposes a novel concept that changes the definition of protocols by splitting a protocol into two sub-entities. This proposed architecture performs identical functions as a non-split protocol system and builds a foundation for many innovative ideas that are not envisioned in a non-split protocol system. The split protocol concept and its motivations are presented here. The concept is explored in implementing client server architectures, mini-cluster configurations and migratory servers, Big-Data and DDoS. Attributes such as improvement in server performance, constructing a variety of mini-cluster configurations to serve large workloads, building clusters without using expensive partitioning strategies, achieving simpler migratory servers and enriching client server architectures to accommodate client splitting and achieving inherent reliability in server designs have being found in the split concept. The above novel features are illustrated in this paper by describing architecture, design and implementation of Web server and client applications. In addition, this paper also serves as a single source of knowledge for split protocol concept and its broader impact on future network architectures, designs and implementations.

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