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How an idea becomes a video


Every year the Media Pro team comes up with a promotional campaign for online classes. It’s a lot of hard work and brainstorming, but I’ll let you in on a secret: We have a lot of fun doing it! anthony

Let me break it down on how an idea becomes a video from the Media Pro team.

Step 1: Brainstorming – The process begins with the team gathering around a table and shooting ideas at Scott. If we like them we write them on the board, if we don’t we throw it away.

Step 2: Developing the Idea – The idea we go forth with is creative and fun to grab your attention! Developing the idea is all about using the idea in two or three ways to get a number of videos.

Step 3: Story Boarding – Having a lot of personalities from the team makes it much easier to cast the characters for each video. Then we map out each scene and location to get ready for shooting. Don’t forget the props!

Step 4: Filming – This is our favorite part! Each person has a place on set and puts their part into the video. We try to film the entire video in one day just for consistency.

Step 5: Editing – The editing role goes to one of the team members. This is what takes the longest because we want all our hard work to pay off for an awesome project. We also add music or any other special effects we might want.

That’s an insight on how ideas become videos from our team!

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