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Changes to Lawrence Tech’s email policy


As stated in a March 2014 email, effective August 1st, all communications to LTU students, faculty, and staff will be made through ltu.edu email addresses and will not be sent to any other email addresses.

What does this mean?

The only email address that will be allowed in Banner and Blackboard will be the ltu.edu email address assigned. You will not be able to change the email listed to another address. All emails sent from within Blackboard will be sent to the username@ltu.edu address, and your LTU email is easily accessed from the my.ltu.edu website.

What if I want to use another email address rather than LTU email?

You may forward your LTU email to another account if you desire. Here are instructions on how to forward your LTU email to another email address.

Why is this changing?

To ensure consistent, timely and safe communication to the campus community and after reviewing the risks and liability in using email addresses other than the official LTU email address, the change to our email communications practice is being incorporated.

What else do I need to do?

Make sure that your students understand that any email correspondence initiated within Blackboard will only go to their username@ltu.edu account. If you (or students) need assistance contact the LTU Help Desk at helpdesk@ltu.edu or 248-204-2330

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