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Dear Dr. Larry


Dear Dr. Larry is a regular column. Faculty and students can submit questions to Dr. Larry by emailing elearning@ltu.edu. Dr. Larry will answer each month with leading-edge, witty, insightful responses.

Dear Dr. Larry,

I made it! I’m done grading student projects and I’ve turned in all the needed reports to my program chair. It’s been a long winter and once I hit submit on my final grades in Banner, I’m off to enjoy the summer.


Ready for the sun!

Dear Sun Seeker,

Yes, it has been a long winter for all of us, and students and faculty are ready for the sun. But are you sure you’re ready? Faculty are so busy at the end of the term that they often forget some vital steps in wrapping up a course. I assure you these won’t take long, and they will save you hours next semester.

  1. Have you exported your grade book so you have a record of student scores on assignments? Yes, Banner keeps the record of the final grade, but if you post individual assignment grades in Blackboard, be sure to export those so you have a record if the final grade is ever questioned. This will take 2 minutes! Here is a link on how to export the grades.
  2. Have you exported your entire course so you have it the next time you teach it? I used to spend hours building my course in Blackboard each term. I posted articles and handouts each term, but then I learned I could export a completed course and use it again the next term. All the files and information are already there. I tweak it each term, but it’s so much easier than building from scratch each term. Here is a link to exporting a completed course and importing it into a new semester.
  3. Have you collected any needed examples of student work? LTU Colleges are all working though the accreditation process. This process includes documenting evidence of student competencies and grading. Make this process easier by collecting these artifacts now. If you have exemplary work, ask the student if you can keep a copy and use it. Here is a link on how to collect student work. Not only is the example needed in accreditation, but it is also a great tool to use in future courses to show new students what you expect in an assignment. Create a folder called “examples of student work” and simply start your collection and add to it each year. You’ll be glad you did!

I know you’re ready to hit the beach, but take a few extra minutes to complete these valuable end-of-year steps. They’ll help you work smarter, not harder, and will ultimately give you more time each semester.

Below are some links to examples and resources to help you do this. If you need more assistance, call those nice people in eLearning. They are happy to help.

Best wishes for better projects, happy students, and a great summer!

Dr. Larry

Links to “How To’s”

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