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Who is the online learner?


The online learner is an ambitious and disciplined individual seeking to achieve an education through non-traditional avenues. This allows them to continue to keep their busy life schedule. The online learner could be married with children and have a career. The online learner could also be a young adult who is working two jobs and going to school full-time. The diversity of the online learner is endless, but the reason for seeking online education is very similar.

Online Learners seek an education that balances all aspects of their life including distance, time constraints, family commitments, job schedules, and the pressures of an advancing career. For the online learner, pursuing an online education is a great opportunity for them to advance themselves educationally and yet not be restrained by everyday life events and commitments.

The online learner is self-motivated, organized, collaborative, and savvy with technology. Self-motivation gives the online learner the ability to succeed and complete an online course and/or an online degree program. Organization gives the online learner the ability to set a schedule to meet the deliverables of an online course with consistency – regardless of everyday schedules. The opportunity to collaborate gives the online learner the ability to use real-world experiences in the classroom and to bring value to the course.

Online Learners are individuals who embrace changing technologies that enhance the overall learning objectives and outcomes. The online learner is the new face of those who pursue higher education. They are also the generation who will change the culture of education and learning.

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