Lawrence Technological University was one of the first universities in the United States to participate in the SAE® Collegiate Design competitions, recognizing the close fit with Lawrence Technological University’s motto of “Theory and Practice.”

Performance Highlights


2nd place overall Midwest
1st place acceleration
2nd place hill climb
1995 3rd overall East
2000 19th overall Midwest out of 106
2001 17th overall Midwest out of 96
2003 36th overall Midwest out of 144
2004 36th overall Midwest out of 136

5th in maneuverability
46th overall Midwest out of 139
2nd in acceleration
2007 11th in hill climb
2008 9th in hill climb

27th overall Midwest out of 100
3rd in land maneuverability
16th in acceleration
19th in suspension and traction
2010 3rd in tractor pull

31st Suspension & Traction 
35th Maneuverability
36th Sled Pull

Lawrence Tech integrates the senior project with the competition teams, resulting in an eight-month period to design and build. Not all institutions do this. The benefit of this restricted time frame is to reflect real-world deadlines and simulate engineering work situations.