Advances in technology are revolutionizing the classroom and the way we deliver knowledge within and outside of the classroom. Computers, electronic communication, web-based learning tools, streaming video, hundreds of software choices, and a limitless combination of hardware systems are the new normal. Education professionals be them in a K-16 environment or in industry and businesses need to keep up-to-date and understand their options when delivering information.

Lawrence Technological University, the region’s leader in technology-based education, has created the Master of Educational Technology (Instructional Technology) degree to help you become a savvy and resourceful user of technology.



educational technologyThe Master of Educational Technology (Instructional Technology) is a practice-oriented program consisting of 30 credit hours (seven core courses and three elective courses) covering all aspects of integrating technology into information delivery.

All courses are available online

Depending on the emphasis of your studies, you may:

• Use computer skills to enhance your teaching in the K-12 and college
• Apply emerging technologies to create educational media for diverse businesses and industries
• Participate intelligently in decision-making when instructional technology applications are being adopted
• Train others in the design of electronic documents, webpages and the use of multimedia


Why LTU?

TECHNOLOGY is in our name.  We are keeping our coursework current.

Are you a teacher (in Michigan or beyond)?  You can benefit greatly from a partnership between Lawrence Tech, a university known for its established technological curriculum and expertise with high-tech tools, and Marygrove College, which has extensive experience in teacher education and certification.

Furthermore, the Master of Educational Technology program is approved by the State of Michigan to provide you the training required for the NP (educational technology) endorsement on your Michigan teaching certificate. If you complete the seven required courses you are not only eligible for the endorsement, but you also have earned more than half the credits you need for your master’s degree. 

Not a teacher?  We can customize the degree program to satisfy other professionals: courses can be considered in business administration, non-profit, virtual workplaces, instructional technology and multimedia.

Depending on your career goals, a flexible plan of work will be discussed at the time of admission.

Other advantages include:
• A non-need-based scholarship of $1,320 per course.
• Financial aid, based on need, is also available to graduate students. Michigan tuition grants provide a maximum grant of $2,750 each year. Need-based loans are also available through the Stafford Loan program for up to $18,500 maximum annually.
• Waiver of admission and registration fees.
• Convenient participation through online and asynchronous courses. 
• Nine credits of appropriate graduate work can be transferred from another institution based on director approval.
• Graduate certificates can also be earned for 12-credit programs in instructional technology and workplace education.



Training and Performance Improvement Degree (pending changes in the College of Management curriculum reqs)

Technology can be one of the driving forces behind the success of many companies, from business and industry to higher education and health care.

The online Training and Performance Improvement master's degree program  (MET-TPI) is focused on providing professionals with the knowledge and experience in using and integrating technologies as well as identifying specific performance improvement (PI) needs. Candidates have an opportunity to apply instructional strategies in the design and development of instructional materials and PI solutions that correspond to jobs in education, health care, instructional design, e-learning, new media, human resources and other business professions.

Designed for business professionals, school administrators, and teachers looking to change careers, the Master of Educational Technology at Lawrence Tech features an optional Training and Performance Improvement track, allowing you to advance your knowledge of technology and business management.

Consisting of 30 credit hours the MET/TPI combines real-world business and technology experiences with the solid academic foundation Lawrence Tech is known for. And because the University understands the needs of busy professionals,  courses in the MET/TPI are offered completely online and asynchronous, allowing you the flexibility to further your education while balancing personal and professional obligations.


Pre-Core Courses   
Computer Applications in Education  MET 6203
Core Courses  
Applied Instructional Technology  MET 6213
Multimedia Development 1  MET 6223
Distance Learning through Technology  MET 6243
TBD(Leadership and Management) TBD
TBD(Human Resources Management) TBD
TBD(Leading Organizational Change) TBD
TBD(Project Management) TBD
Capstone Project (or Management Thesis Course)  MET 6303
Elective Courses  
Multimedia Development  MET 6233
Contemporary Pedagogies in Education  MET 6113
Direct Studies in Educational Technology  MET 6991
TBD(Project Risk and Quality Management) TBD
TBD(Perspectives in International Business) TBD
Foundations of Technical Communication  COM 6103
Special topics in Management Analog to Directed Studies   
Other courses per program director approval   

Students can transfer 6 to 9 credits upon review of course descriptions, syllabi, grade of B or better and approval from the MET Director. 



By choosing certain courses, you may work toward the following graduate certificate. This12-credit-hour programs can be earned as an addition to your master’s degree or as a stand-alone certificate.  Questions:

Instructional Technology Topics include:
• Distance learning through technology
• Multimedia Development


When do classes begin?
How many days a week do classes meet?

What course should I take first?
How about the computer and the Internet connection?
What is the tuition? When is it due?
How many courses are required?
What courses can I transfer in?
Do I have to be certified?
Do I have to be a teacher?
What kind of certification do I get?
Will my degree be from LTU or from Marygrove?
How do I apply?
I have more questions: who do I talk to?

1. When do classes begin?

Semesters in the Educational Technology program are shorter: 13 weeks in fall and spring and about 10 in summer.   Classes are offered throughout the calendar year.


2.  How many days a week do classes meet?

Classes are offered entirely online  and asynchronous (no specific time to meet).   An updated schedule of classes should be available for you on the main page.  Please contact program director for details at

3. What course should I take first?

We recommend students start with Computer Application and Applied Instructional Technology courses.  Other classes build on skills that you acquire in these courses.


4. How about the computer and the Internet connection?

These are needed since courses are offered online.  


5. What is the tuition? When is it due?

Current tuition per course should be checked on the University Registrar site below.  There will be a non-need based scholarship awarded to MET students for each 3-credit course that reduces the price of tuition. The final tuition rate is comparable to other Universities in southeast Michigan.   For an up-to-date schedule of payments please see the Registrar link:  Admission  and registration fees for each semester are waived.


6. How many courses are required?

Ten courses (30 credits) are required for the Master's degree.  For the NP endorsement the requirement is 21 credits.   For the Graduate certificate (non-NP) 12 credits are required.  Program is self-paced so you are the only one that will decide the number of courses you will take each semester.


7. What courses can I transfer in?

You can transfer nine graduate credits in Computer Technology/Instructional Technology, education or other based on program director approval. Questions:


8. Do I have to be certified?

No, however if you want o add the Michigan NP endorsement you need a provisional/professional teaching certificate.  Through our 21-credits approved program you will be able to add the NP (contact to apply).  Candidates for other master's program "flavors" do not need to be certified teachers.


9. Do I have to be a teacher?

No.  Only for the NP endorsement (contact to apply).


10. What kind of certification do I get?

NP endorsement  on an existing Michigan certificate (contact to apply).


11. Will my degree be from LTU or from Marygrove?

The degree is awarded by the institution at which the student is admitted: i.e., students that apply at LTU will be awarded the degree by LTU.


12. How do I apply to the Educational Technology master's degree program?

Follow the link for an Online application: or contact director at


13. I have more questions - who do I talk to?

Please send all other questions and comments to program directors



Your 30-credit-hour program consists of: a combination of required and elective credits.  If you are a business or industry professional looking for a certain area of expertise, discuss your goals with the program directors for a customized plan of work.  Questions:

Education Technology Core 21
   Applied Instructional Technology*  
   Assistive Technology in Special Education*  
   Computer Applications for Education*  
   Issues in Educational Technology*  
   Multimedia Development 1*  
   Technology Tools for Teachers*  
   Capstone Project   
Elective 3
   Distance Learning Through Technology*  
Other Electives 6
Total  30
   *Required for NP endorsement  
Pre-Core Courses   
   Computer Applications in Technology  
Education Technology Core 21
   Applied Instructional Technology  
   Multimedia Development 1  
   Distance Learning Through Technology  
   Leadership and Management  
   Leading Organizational Change  
   Project Management  
   Project Seminar or Thesis   
Electives  9
Total  30


All classes offered 100% online and asynchronous

Find out more 

Admission Requirements

The Master of Educational Technology program is open to all who wish to increase their skills in applying instructional technology. Admission to the program requires:

1.  Submission of the Application for Graduate Admission (admission fee will be waived);

2.  Official transcripts of all undergraduate (including community college) and graduate work;

3.  The names, titles, positions, and contact information for three professional references;

4.  Resume that includes education, work experience and skills;

5.  An interview with the program director (phone or face-to-face);

6.  ONLY for those interested in adding the Educational Technology Endorsement (NP endorsement) through Michigan Department of Education: a copy of the applicant’s professional or provisional teaching certificate.

Get Started

educational technology 2

For admissions information, contact Lawrence Tech’s Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or

For program information, contact program directors at


The Educational Technology master's program is currently fully online and offered in a diverse concentration to satisfy educational goals for both educators and industry professionals.  Receive your Master of Educational Technology while working full-time. Semester schedules can be found here: fall 2013, spring 2014.