TECHNOLOGY is in our name.  We are keeping our coursework current and help you add an endorsement on your existing Michigan teacher certificate: the educational technology (NP).

Are you a teacher (in Michigan or beyond)?  You can benefit greatly from a partnership between Lawrence Tech, a university known for its established technological curriculum and expertise with high-tech tools, and Marygrove College, which has extensive experience in teacher education and certification.

Furthermore, the Master of Educational Technology program is approved by the State of Michigan to provide you the training required for the NP (educational technology) endorsement on your Michigan teaching certificate. If you complete the seven required courses you are not only eligible for the endorsement, but you also have earned more than half the credits you need for your master’s degree. 

Depending on your career goals, a flexible plan of work will be discussed at the time of admission.  That means the number of credits per semester and even some of the courses (electives) will be considered based on your career goals.


Other advantages include:
• A non-need-based scholarship of $1,320 per course. • Waiver of admission and registration fees. • Convenient participation through completely online and asynchronous courses.   • Nine credits of appropriate graduate work can be transferred from another institution based on director approval. • Financial aid, based on need, is also available to graduate students. Michigan tuition grants provide a maximum grant of $2,750 each year. Need-based loans are also available through the Stafford Loan program for up to $18,500 maximum annually. • Graduate certificates can also be earned for 12-credit programs in instructional technology and workplace education.