natural sciences faculty + staff

Full-Time Faculty and Staff


Hsiao-Ping Moore
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Biology
Anthony Sky
Department Chair and Professor of Chemistry
LaVetta Appleby
Chemistry Senior Lecturer and Director, MSE
Walter Dean
Professor of Chemistry
Yi Feng
Instructional Support Coordinator
William Madden
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Director, Natural Sciences Programs; Honors Program Advisor
Jeffery Morrissette
Associate Professor
George Moschelli
Assistant Professor of Physics
Dr. George Moschelli
Scott Schneider
Associate Professor of Physics
Shannon Timmons
Assistant Professor
Shannon Timmons small photo
Valentina Tobos
Associate Professor of Physics and Director, MET
Nicole Villeneuve
College Professor of Chemistry
Julie Zwiesler-Vollick
Associate Professor
Changgong Zhou
Assistant Professor
A&S Changgong Zhou