Bioinformatics applies information technology to molecular biology and involves the creation and advancement of databases, algorithms, computational and statistical techniques, and theory to manage and analyze biological data. Bioinformatics encompasses the mapping and analyzing of DNA and protein sequences, comparing DNA and protein sequences, and creating and viewing 3D models of protein structures.

For the professional who already has computer science degree and is looking to move into a different area of computing, the Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics can leverage your experience and quickly prepare you for a position in the growing life sciences field. This certificate program assumes you are highly motivated and have experience in a production environment.

The graduate-level courses taken for the Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics can be applied to the completion of a Master of Science in Computer Science at Lawrence Tech.



A university-level chemistry course or CHM1213 (3 credit hours).

Any student without an equivalent course of university-level chemistry must talk with an advisor ( or 248.204.3560) before enrolling.


Curriculum Courses Credit Hours
BIO1213         Biology 1 3
BIO 2021        Life Sciences Lab  
BIO 1221        Biology 1 Lab 1
(BIO 2021 preferred, when available)  
MCS5993       Topics in Computer Science 3  (Introduction to Applications in Bioinformatics)
BME2103       Biochemistry for Engineers  
MCS5303        Introduction to Database 3
MCS5603        Introduction to Bioinformatics 3
MCS5613        Genomics 3
MCS6623        Data Warehousing in Bioinformatics   3

Course substitution may be possible. All substitutions must be accompanied by written approval of the director of computer science programs ( or 248.204.3560.

Admissions Requirements

A bachelor of science degree from an accredited University. If your degree is not in computer science, additional course work may be required. In particular, it is assumed that you have had the equivalent of a university-level first course in database systems and can develop, debug, and test application software involving non-trivial algorithms.

Applicants with a GPA below 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in their undergraduate program may be conditionally admitted to the certificate program. For those students, their eligibility to continue will be reviewed after the completion of  BIO1213 Biology 1, BME2103 Biochemistry for Engineers, and BIO2021 Life Sciences Lab.

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