2009 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Congratulations to the 2009 LTU Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) teams! 

Thirteen LTU students in five teams of three or two competed in the 96-hour international contest in February. 

Three of our teams were awarded Meritorious status, the top 19 percent of 1675 teams from the U.S., China, and 11 other countries.

Each year the teams have a choice of two open-ended applied problems to solve, using mathematics, computer, science, and writing skills.  For 2009, one problem, "Energy and the Cell Phone", involved analyzing the energy use of cell phones vs. landlines; the other problem, "Designing a Traffic Circle",  involved traffic control and safety methods.

The teams were John Camardese, Neil Ganshorn, and Richard Geyer (cell phone); Ze Cheng, Paul Downen, and Matt Lanting (traffic circle); Ryan Hollingsworth, Kevin Malinga, and Anna Vantsevich (cell phone).

In addition, the team of Camardese, Ganshorn, and Geyer received the Ben Fusaro award for the most creative approach to their problem.

The teams gave a presentation of their papers at the Mathematical Association of America - Michigan Section annual meeting in May.  Complete results are available.  This is the 20th year LTU has been competing in the MCM, coached by faculty advisor Prof. Ruth Favro (favro@ltu.edu).