arts + sciences - Master of science education degree requirements


Degree Requirements

All students must have a plan of study approved by the program director. Candidates for the degree must complete 30 credit hours (36 for MSE with DI - see link from the main Natural Sciences site) from the following list of courses, with 21 of these credits from the core curriculum. All degree-seeking students must take courses SCE6103 Introductory Seminar and SCE6303 capstone Project.

Core Courses - Credit Hours

SCE6103 Introductory Seminar 3 credit (100% online)
GLG6143 Geosphere 3 (offered fall - 100% online)
GLG6243 Atmos, Weather 3 credits (offered spring or summer - mostly online)
PHY6323 Astronomy 3 (offered spring)
SCE6303 Capstone Project 3
One Life Science Course 3
One Physics Course 3
One Chemistry Course 3

Elective Courses

BIO6173 Cells and Organisms 3 (offered fall)
BIO6273 Heredity and Evolution 3 (offered spring)
BIO6353 General Ecology 3 (offered summer)
BOT6163 Botany and Ecology of Plants 3
CHM6153 Matter, Energy, and Their Changes 3
CHM6253 Materials and their Uses 3
GLG6243 Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate 3 (offered summer)
PHY6123 Motion, Forces and Energy 3
PHY6223 Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves 3 (offered spring)
Other Subject Area - elective
SCE6203 Computer Applications for Education
SCE6213 Foundations of Science 3 
SCE6991-6993 Directed Study in Science Education