As more and more companies expand their operations across national borders, the need for employees with global skills and additional languages has become essential. Spanish – the second most common language spoken in the United States – is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world and is becoming increasingly important in many fields, especially business and industry, education, government, and health care. Having knowledge of Spanish language and culture not only expands your horizons, but also it can increase your marketability in today’s competitive global economy. In fact, your ease at navigating a foreign environment can help increase your productivity on the job.

Why Spanish at Lawrence Tech?


Lawrence Technological University’s minor in Spanish focuses on providing you a strong foundation in both conversational and business Spanish. You will learn to speak, read, write, and translate the language, as well as explore Hispanic customs, etiquette, trade associations, politics, and social issues. The program, which requires 15 credit hours, consists of four core classes and one elective. For the elective, you may choose between Business in Latin America, which explores a variety of Hispanic cultures and social customs, and Spanish Masterpieces, which surveys Spanish and Latin American literature.


Your 15-credit-hour program consists of:

Core Courses 12
    Spanish 1 – 4
Elective 3
    Choose between:
        Business in Latin America
        Spanish Masterpieces
Total 15
Getting Started

For more information, including information for transfer and international students, contact Lawrence Tech's Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or