Dr. Jason Barrett
HSSC Dept. Chair

Mrs. Joyce McKissen
Department Secretary
  McKISSEN, Joyce_L11J63-6HCA_edited_main page.jpg
Ms. Nawal Abbas
Director, ESL Program
  Nawal Mozeihem Picture

Dr. Franco Delogu
Assistant Professor 

Ms. Jody Gaber
Director, Media Communications
Ms. Holly Helterhoff
Senior Lecturer and Director, ASUD/Scholars Program
  Holly Helterhoff small
Assistant Prof. in English

Ms. Sara Lamers
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Kineta Morgan-Paisley
Senior Lecturer in Psychology



Mr. Daniel Moyer
Senior Lecturer



Ms. Lisa Powaser 


Dr. Daniel Shargel
Associate Professor


Prof. Corinne Stavish
College Professor, Director Tech and Prof Comm
Dr. Marvin Stern
Associate Professor
Dr. Philip Vogt
Associate Professor
Dr. Melinda Weinstein
Associate Professor
  Melinda Weinstein


Full Time Faculty

Select a link from the faculty listed at the left.  If the instructor you are looking for is not on this list, please consult the Adjunct Faculty page.  You may also contact the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication at 248-204-3520, or send e-mail to humchair@ltu.edu.